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DS: Metamorphose, Atelier Boz, Bodyline, Miho Matsuda, IW, Classical Puppets, offbrand

All pricing includes shipping within the US. 
All items are shipped first class with tracking unless the post office upgrades it to priority.  Comment if you need a quote for faster shipping or want to pay for insurance.
Please note that once I ship a package, I have no control over the postal service.

Note to international buyers: I don't like to list as a gift or mark down packages, and US international shipping rates are rather expensive. That being said, if you'd still like a quote, please feel free to comment.

I ship items to your PayPal address.  Please comment on this sales post if you'd like to buy something (you can PM me your paypal address, I also screen posted addresses).

Payment: To avoid holding people up, I invoice the first to leave their paypal.  I reserve the right to refuse buyers with questionable feedback/behavior.  To be fair to multiple interested buyers, I ask for payment within 24 hours of invoice (after which I will sell to the next person in line).

Allergy Notice! I live in a house with two cats and a heavy smoker.  Please take precautions if you have allergies/concerns about either.  I am personally not a smoker.  I do wear perfume but not on my clothes and not with the clothes listed below.

Measurements: I've done amateur measurements by laying the garment flat and doubling the flat measurement.  Bust is basically armhole-to-armhole and waist is estimated.  All measurements I give are the garment measurements unless mentioned otherwise.

Feedback: community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/191144.html

Metamorphose bow clips - $20

I got these in a lucky pack way back when.  Like new, still in plastic.

Metamorphose otk socks $25 SOLD
Never worn, not even to try on.


Metamorphose blouse $50 SOLD
Got off the sales comm, as far as I know, hasn’t been worn by previous owner and I’ve only tried it on.  Comes with detachable back ribbons, but no lacing or shirring in the back.

Bust: 34”
Waist: 31”
Sleeve Length: 22.5”

Atelier Boz zipper sleeve dress/long jacket - $150


This can double as a one piece or long jacket.  The sleeves are detachable so it can also work as a long jumperskirt.  Sleeves are attached by zippers so the underarms are open (so if wearing as a OP, I recommend wearing a shirt underneath).  This zips up the front and also partially zips up the back.  At 5 feet, I *barely* made it in without it being too long but it fit better when I wore platforms.  I’d suggest this for someone at least a little taller than me.

Length (top of back collar to longest part of dress): 53”
Bust: 34”
Waist: 26” (at 30” I could fit this, as the cloth does stretch a bit but I wouldn’t push it past that)
Sleeves (shoulder to the longest part): 28”

Bodyline cutsew $30

Fabric has some stretch to it.  At 34” bust, I fit.

Length: 21” (including about 1.5” of ruffle)
Bust: 32”
Waist: 31”
Cuffs: 11”

Miho Matsuda cutsew $25

Basic short sleeved cutsew with a spiderweb embroidery at the corner.  Made of polyester but feels like velvet.  Fabric has some stretch to it but I wouldn’t push it too hard.  At my measurements (34” bust, 30” waist), fit fine.

Bust: 30”
Waist: 30”
Length: 21”

Miho Matsuda pants $35

Elastic waistband crop pants with logo at one cuff.  These aren’t meant to reach to your ankles, but aren’t quite like the knee-high ouji shorts they usually put out.  Made of mostly polyester but have a bit of a velvety touch to them.


Waist: full elastic, 24” – 34”
Length (from waistband to end): 26”
Width of pants leg (measuring by the crotch area): 11.5”

Innocent World ruffled knit - $35


Bought from a friend but never worn myself.  Unfortunately, the sleeves were way too tight for me and so I can’t even fit into it.  Skinny arms recommended.   Sleeves at cuffs are tighter.

Waist: 28” (some stretch, maybe 1-2”)
Bust:  32” (some stretch, maybe 1-2”)
Sleeve circumference at bicep: 8” (stretch to 9”, MAYBE 10”…I’m 12” circumference and didn’t stand a chance at fitting)
Sleeve length: 22”
Height (from shoulder to hem, including ruffle):  19.5”

Classical Puppets bustier top - $70



This was meant to be made to my measurements but I think they skimped on fabric so it’s way too small.  Both the front and back lace up but I’ve only listed the measurements as laced all the way up front and back, as I think this is intended to be worn by itself.

Flat measurements are as follows:

Bust (with laces entirely laced up): 30” (the bust part is molded so that it should fit a slightly larger bust size…from what I recall when I tried this on, 34” should be okay but I wouldn’t go further)
Waist (with laces entirely laced up): 26”
Length (top of strap to longest part of bottom): 19”
Length (top of strap to estimated waist area) about 13.5"

Handmade houndstooth bow - $12
I got this off Etsy but I don’t really wear it anymore.  Looks to have been made from recycled fabric, and has an elastic band.

Offbrand mini tophat $20

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