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DS: AP (JSK, Cutsew with Hood, Parka, Haircombs,Tote, Rings, Earrings), BTSSB (skirt,purse,necklace)

My EGL feedback link: (59 Positive)

I ship from CA, USA
I will ship to international, but you need to post address so I can adjust shipping cost.

*First person to post their paypal addy (or post that they will PM me it) gets it.
*Shipping price not included.
*Welcome to questions. If you want more details or more photos of something let me know!
*Prices are in USD, no paypal fees
*No smoking.
*Once I have shipped the package, I am no longer responsible for it.

*If you don't like the price, feel free to offer.
*If you want to trade, I am more than willing to add to my side to make it a fair trade. (Do let me know that you're interested! I want these to go to someone who will love them and give them the use they deserve! So I am very open to trades)

Shipping costs for within USA. (Includes packaging material costs) Inquire for international shipping options
Small item, First class shipping with tracking/delivery confirmation. 4 USD
Priority Mail Envelope with tracking/delivery confirmation 7 USD
Flat rate Priority, Medium Box (for JSKs), shipping with tracking/delivery confirmation 14 USD

Angelic Pretty - Dot Pretty Girl JSK (New with tags, only tried on)

Proof Photos: Front / Front Detail / Bow Detail / Bottom Detail / Tags / Back
Original Price from AP: 289.15
Selling for: 289.15 260.24 234.21 190.10 USD

Link to JSK on lolilibrary
Size Details:
Bust: 90
Waist: 72
Length: 88

Bought this brand new from AP SF online. Only tried on once. Turns out I should not buy any JSKs without back lacing, it's too large for me. I love this dress, but I just can't pull off the look. I'm especially open to offers or trades. :)

Note: For those curious about stretch so with my amateur measurements, and it not ever being stretched before I got a max of 37 in flat. 38 flat if i really stretch it. Due to the design it looks like it doesn't have too much stretch. So seems like a 74-76 cm max going around. The black bow portion is detachable and has partial  shirring hidden underneath the bow (view bow detail photo) and is a little more stretchable to a 78 cm max.

Angelic Pretty: Trick Cat - Cutsew with Hood - New with Tags

Proof: Front / Tags
Original Price from AP: 116.47
Selling for: 116.47 107.33 USD

Width: About 38cm
Raglan Sleeve: About 65cm
Cuff: About 11.5cm
Length: 55

Bought brand new from AP USA online on impulse because I love Trick Cat. Never got around to wearing it, so it's time to let it go.

Angelic Pretty: Pop Stripe Bunny Ear Parka: Pink: New with Tags

Original Price: 167.09 USD
Price: 167.09 USD
Proof: Front / Side / Back / Front Detachable Bow / Pocket 1 Detail / Pocket 2 Detail / Bonus Hidden Side Pocket / Tag

Bought brand new from AP USA online. Brought around with intention of wearing it, but never actually did. Now selling to get money to buy a coat in lavender.

This parka features a double zipper, adorable pink stripe lining (lined hood, lined pockets in the front as well as lined pockets on the side), and detachable front bow. Note blue bows on the side have minor fray.

Angelic Pretty: Pink Hair Combs

Proof Photo: Tag
Price: 24 19.44 USD
Previous owner:

Bought from another user on the sales comms. Never got around to using them. These hair combs are larger than the more recent ones AP has been releasing, so definitely great and recommend for using with wigs and big hair :)

Angelic Pretty - Milky Dream Star Ring - Lavender: New with Tag x 1, New w/o Tag x1

Price: 25.20 22.74 USD
Proof: Front / Side
Bought new, never used

Angelic Pretty: Heart Lolipop Ring: Lavender x Pink: New with Tags

Proof Photos:
Front / Tag / Bottom
Price: 28.35 25.52 USD

Bought from another user on the sale comms as part of a set with the necklace.

Angelic Pretty: Sweet Cream Biscuit Earrings: Light Brown: New with Tags [2012 Release]

Proof Photo: Front
Price: 44.10 39.69 33.94 USD

Bought directly from AP USA to match my set with the necklace and ring, but I never got around to using the earrings.
Angelic Pretty: Sugary Carnival Tote - Opened but never used

Proof: Packaging / Tote
Price: 44.00 35.64 29.11 USD
Previous owner:

Packaging has been opened for the tote but never used it. Tote will be shipped with original packaging.
Does not include the mook.

BTSSB - Early Summer Chocolate Strawberry Parfait OP/JSK modified to a skirt - Damaged

Additional Photos: Bleed 1 / Bleed 2 / Bleed 3
Price: 50 42.75 USD

Bought from another user on the egl comm sales. This came to me as a modified OP/JSK to be a skirt as the lace on the bottom definitely matches up with the OP and JSKs of this print. The waist is measured to be a flat 15 inches. There are several spots where the red from the cherries bled (I counted 14 spots), the additional photos provide a close up so you can get an idea.

BTSSB - 136★037 Wonder Pocket - Biscuit Bag - Brand New - with Original Box

Proof: Front / Tag / Bottom / Dent close up / Dent distance photo / Box
Listing on lolilibrary
Original Price Paid: $228
Selling it for: 228 216.60 205.77 USD

Bought this when the Wonder Pocket Biscuit bag first went on reserve. But quickly after, a second reservation went up and I was able to get it in my first color choice. Thus purse has never been used and has remained in storage. Note: The slight dent on the back. Will be shipped with its original box, placed inside another box.

I'm selling it for the original price I paid  (minus the shipping).

Beginning Sandglass Pendant (1360042) - Pink

Original Price Paid: $108.50
Selling it for: $108.50 103.08 97.93 USD or TRADE for Sandglass Pendant in Lavender
Proof: One / Two / Bottom

Worn once. This is a full functional sandglass, filled with tiny pink crystals.

Bought from Baby SF online store. Note: Due to the antique style of the finishing silver spray, the bottom of the sandglass did not receive the full complete finished silver spray and/or it is more faded, not noticable at all when worn. View Bottom proof photo for more info. No other defects/damages seen.


I am currently interested in trading for:
blouses (especially brown, mint, lavender, size s), boleros or cardigans (especially knit!), accessories (AP, Chocomint), shoes (size 23.5 M)

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