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DS: Blouses, wigs and other stuff

Terms of sale
* I ship from ESTONIA
* Prices are in euros (€)
* I don't smoke and I don't own a pet
* All sales are final, I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages
* Paypal fees are included
* Fixed shipping inside the EU is 10€ outside the EU 15€
* I accept paypal or EU bank transfers
* First one who is willing to pay the price and has left me her/his paypal will get the item
* Measurements are approximate
* Items will be shipped 1-3 days after reciving payment

My feedback can be found here

This roselight will be my proof.

Item #1 Atelier Pierrot Blouse 25€ + shipping


Length: ~50cm
Bust: ~88 cm
Waist: up to 80 cm (it has lacing on the back so it can be adjusted)
Shoulder width: ~34cm
Fabric: cotton
The blouse has a worn feeling to it.

Item #2  Atelier Pierrot OP 80€ + shipping SOLD

Flaws: The fabric on the inside the sleeves is broken at 2 places, as shown on the pictures:  1,   2

Length: ~95c m
Bust:  up to 100 cm or even more since it has shirring
Waist: up to 100 cm

Item #3  Moitie blouse 55€+shipping

*Close-up of the lace
Length: ~47cm with the lace
Bust: ~82cm
Waist: ~75cm
Shoulder width: ~35cm
The blouse color is a bit more creamish then it shows on the pictures.

Item #4  Peace Now blouse 30€+shipping


Length: ~55 cm
Bust: ~86 cm
Waist: ~80 cm
Shoulder width: ~35 cm
Sleeves: ~ 60 cm
Fabric: cotton

Item #5  Miho Matsuda blouse 30€+shipping


Length: ~43
Bust: ~88cm
Waist: ~74cm
Shoulder width: ~35 cm
Sleeves: ~59 cm
Fabric: cotton

Item #6  Metamorphose bag 65€+shipping


Flaws: The bag has a few scratches on the back as shown on the pictures: 1,   2
27cm x 27cm x 7cm

Item #7  GLW Farrah Collection - Ingénue 25€+shipping SOLD

  wig1 wig1_2

Worn 2 times. The wig has been washed.

Item #8  GLW Spiral Lolita Collection ~ Raven 20€+shipping


Worn 3 times, the curls have gone out a bit. The wig has been washed.

Thank you for looking and feel free to ask questions :)
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