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DS: Meta School set and Bodyline Skirt

  • Positive 100+ feedback

  • Everything is cleaned or in new condition before it is sent out


  • I do NOT charge PP fees

  • Please PM me your paypal address

  • Priority goes to those willing to pay immediately and at the full price

  • You have 24 hours to pay your invoice, please let me know if you need more time to pay

  • I reserve the right to refuse a sale to anyone

  • I do not take payment plans without great feedback

  • No returns

  • No trades at this time unless in my wish list

  • Feel free to make an offer

  • By default I do NOT mark down packages for intl shipping

  • If asked, we can negotiate a marked down price

** Paypal and shipping explained: All of my domestic items are shipped with tracking as that is the minimum way through paypal to protect both the buyer and seller. International tracking at a minimum is registered post which is 12 dollars on top of whatever the price if for airmail (2-4 weeks) or priority (6-10 days). All international mail get a customs number. The airmail customs number works as tracking only to Canada as far as I know. USPS (the US postal service) has introduced International Priority which takes (6-10 days) but is not "tracked" the way EMS is tracked. The next step up is EMS which starts at 45 dollars and is insured and tracked. 45 dollars is for a flat rate large envelope it. The next step up is 55 dollars for a medium sized box.
tl;dr - fast/tracked International shipping is very expensive, there isn't much way around it.

I have recently changed from selling my items solely on egl-comm-sales to also on storenvy.
The fastest way to secure an item is to purchase it through my storenvy.
You can get a shipped to you price quote on storeny and you can make me an offer here.
If I invoice you here, I will pull the item off storenvy so no one else can purchase it.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright - Sweet Fawn Capelet

Proof: 1, 2
Size: Total width - 100cm~
Length - 32cm
Condition: This item was purchased used, but neither the previous owner nor I ever wore it.
It is in like new condition
Price: 115 + shipping
Storenvy: Link Here

Alice and the Pirates - Solielle Rose Bustier

Proof: 1
Size: Bust: 79-92cm , Waist: 59-71cm , Length: 46cm
Condition: This item was purchased like used, but is in like new condition.
Price: 65 + shipping
Storenvy: Link Here

Metamorphose School Girl Blazer and Skirt Set

Proof: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Size: Skirt: Length - 53cm Waist - 65-74cm
Blazer: Length - 57cm , Bust (buttons closed) - 92cm
Condition: The skirt, blazer, and socks were purchased used.
All items are authentic and from Metamorphose's school uniform series.
The blazer comes with the removable crest pin.
Price: 110 + shipping
Storenvy: Link Here

h.Naoto Frill Skirt - SOLD

Size: Skirt: Length - 51cm, Waist - 71cm
Condition: This skirt was purchased used. It's one of h.Naoto's first frill skirts!
The print says h.naoto blood, but the tag says Frill.
The skirt also has a rose and cross motif!
Price: 20 USD + Shipping
Storenvy: Link Here

h.Naoto Blood frill waist cape

Condition: Purchased used but in good condition.
This h.Naoto blood item is great for gothic and aristocrat outfits and for layering.
The chiffon drapes have an embroidered butterfly motif.
This item is great for layering and very stylish.
Sizing: Width - 47cm , Strap length - 148cm , Length - 91cm
Price: 25 USD + Shipping
Storenvy: Link here

Bodyline plaid pleated skirt

Size: Length 44cm, Waist 71-73cm
Condition: This item was purchased new and worn once.
Price: 15 USD + Shipping
Storenvy: Link Here

Miho Matsuda Frill Shorts

Condition: These lovely short were purchased used.
They are authentic Miho Matsuda shorts.
They have never been worn by me.I recommend them for an an American medium.

Size: Length - 36 cm, Waist - 78 cm, Hip - 96cm approx.

Templates to exchange feedback.
Please leave me feedback after you have received your items(s), then pm/reply with your feedback link.

✩I am the Buyer✩
❤ Type of Feedback: [Positive, Negative, or Neutral]
♡ Did the transaction happen via PM? Yes/No
❤ Communication: 0/5
♡ Accuracy of item description: 0/5
❤ Was the item shipped when agreed upon?: 0/5
♡ Packaging: 0/5
❤ Overall experience: 0/5
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❤ URL:

✭I am the Seller✭
♡ Type of Feedback: [Positive, Negative, or Neutral]
❤ Did the transaction happen via PM? Yes/No
♡ Communication: 0/5
❤ Payment time: 0/5
♡ Overall experience: 0/5
❤ Additional comments: [comments about this transaction]
♡ URL:

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