strawberryxs (strawberryxs) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: ħπ double clips, various colors!

My feedback is here: (can provide more from different sites if requested)

Paypal only!

Payment has to be done within 48 hours or else I’m going to contact next person in a row.

Prices are in USD, excluding shipping and paypal fees.

I ship from Europe (Czech Republic).

I’m not responsible for item after I ship it.

Shipping quotes are $2,5 to Europe and $3 worldwide. (For insurance add $2)

Can make custom items! (non refundable deposit)

1. Pink double clips with white heart - $10 SOLD


2. Pink double clips with silver heart - $10 SOLD


3. Lavender/lilac double clips with silver heart - $10 SOLD

4. Lavender/lilac double clips with detachable pink bow and heart - $10 HOLD

5. Mint double clips with glass drop - $11 SOLD


6. Ivory/brown double clips with clock - $12 HOLD


7. Black double clips with silver heart and stars - $11 SOLD


8. Black/silver double clips with silver clock and stars - $12 SOLD

Tags: !ds, color:black, color:brown, color:green, color:pink, color:purple, handmade, item:accessory
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Hi there, please add your location to the location field of your post within 24hrs, thanks!
I´m interested in the third, lavender, how much to ship it to Germany?



September 29 2013, 18:52:48 UTC 3 years ago Edited:  September 29 2013, 18:54:08 UTC

Hello, it would be 2,5 dollar :)
I take it, can you send me an invioce? I will send you my paypal adress with pm

Of course! ♥
Hello! Are the mint ones more green or sax coloured? Ty!
Hello, it's realy hard question! :D I had problem with defining the color but I believe that it's more green. :)
Ah okay. That doesn't really go with my wardrobe but I may contact you in the future for commissions xD !


3 years ago

Sent you a pm! (:
Replied! ♥
Hello, how long are the brooch?
Hello, it should be around 17cm including bows. :)
Thank you for your reply. Are you able to do a custom order where the chain could be longer? I can't put a deposit right now but I'm saving your page for an order in the future. The brooches are so cute!
No problem! Just pm me when you will be able to. :) I have lot of things out of stock for about month currenly so you don't need to hurry! ♥
Replied' ♥
Are they self made?
Yes, they are. :)
I'd like the 4. Lavender/lilac double clips with detachable pink bow and heart - $10

And are you going to be making anymore? I'd like a set of the 2. Pink double clips with silver heart and 3. Lavender/lilac double clips with silver heart though I'd like to ask if it would be possible to have a gold heart instead of silver on both. Thanks so much!

Screened comment

Replied you though message and I suggest you to delete comment including your paypal email. Just in case! ♥
Hi! I'd like the brown clips if they're still available, shipped to US 64133. PMing you my paypal.
Replied! ♥
Can I get 6. Ivory/brown double clips with clock - $12 to Canada?
I'll PM you my PayPal. I don't need insurance. Thank you!