cinnabunnylol (cinnabunnylol) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!DS - closet cleaning~ Baroque, HMHM, and wigs!


~Ships from Richmond, VA - most items include shipping for within the US, if you would like an international shipping quote please ask!
~ All items in USD
~ Comes from a nonsmoking home with a pet cat =^..^=

$190 shipping included Baroque Pearl Drops on the Dry flower OP in black - Payment Pending
Originally tagged size 44 (B 84cm / W 65cm) however when it came in the waist was way larger than 65cm so I have adjusted it in the back to 66cm/26" by adding two pleats along the bustle separation by tacking with white thread (pictured). Also the bust is closer to 81cm/32" than the labeled 84cm. I have also put additional buttonholes in the belt in order to fit it to my waist (also pictured). Worn several times, very good condition, most of my adjustments can be undone easily except for the added buttonholes, also comes with a small bow clip

$40 shipping included HMHM dress - SOLD
Worn twice, very good condition. Back has lacing and shirring and a removable bow. The waist measurement is an absolute maximum.
Bust: 29" - 34"
Waist: 24" - 28"
Length of skirt:18", lace extra 1"
Bodice length: 14.5"

$12 Taobao Blouse not including shipping, please ask for shipping and provide location! - SOLD
Worn and washed a few times. This is a very petite blouse from a taobao store I can't remember the name of but I don't wear it often enough to keep it in my closet! Measurements are very petite and absolute maximums. I do not recommend this blouse for a busty person, it's constructed very flat in the chest!
Bust: 32"
Waist: 26"
Sleeve Length: 22"
Shoulder width: almost 13"


$30 shipped Arda wig with removable bangs clip - SOLD
Tried on once but did not like the style on me, pictured with matching bangs clip and without.

$25 shipped - epic cosplay wig 24" - 25" long - SOLD
Worn many times but in good condition, will come washed! Bangs have been trimmed by me.

$30 shipped - Bodyline wig, never worn
This wig came in not looking anything like the stock photo but it's brand new and I already have a wig like this so I hope it finds a new home! I added some styling conditioner to it to reset the curls because it came very messy out of the bag.
Tags: !ds, *petite, baroque, hmhm, item:blouse, item:jumperskirt, item:onepiece, item:wigs
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