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SS: Shopping Service Open


I am following the guidelines and making an official post for my shopping service here, so that it can be linked back in feedback comments for all future shopping services. I can currently dedicate myself to being a shopping service full-time, so I will be able to get items for you quickly.

(edit) IMPORTANT: Please contact me by my email address listed below and NOT through Livejournal. Communication is very unreliable on this site. I have experienced Livejournal either not sending or receiving PMs, and other times it sends messages into suspicious folders so I don't see them as quickly. If you want the fastest and most reliable reply, please send your queries to my email. I aim to respond to them within 24-48 hours. If you haven't heard from me by then, feel free to send a reminder email. For any urgent inquiries, please mark the subject title "Urgent".

My shopping service is located in central Tokyo, Japan. Train fares to most central areas are a flat fee of 500 yen.

My commission fee is also a flat fee rather than a percentage, so it doesn't matter how many items you wish to buy. Commission fees are as follows:

2000 yen for orders under 8000 yen

3000 yen for orders over 8000 yen

4000 yen for orders over 35000 yen

4000 yen for reserves, lucky packs and lottery releases.

✥Online fees are as follows:

500 yen for orders under 5,000 yen

1,000 yen for orders over 5,000 yen

2,000 yen for orders over 25,000 yen

For further details/fees please check my full terms and conditions. Please read them  before emailing me, but if you are unsure of anything or have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via my email address:

My feedback can be found here:

If you want to keep up to date with Closet Child updates, giveaways and special offers please follow my blog, Tumblr, Facebook page or Twitter. I can't put the links here, but they are on my livejournal and under the same username (Tokyo Pirates).

It makes me really happy when people are able to get their dream items, and I know how frustrating it is to live abroad and not have access to the wondrous treasures of Japan. I want to make that process easier. I work at this full time and dedicate all my time to this, so I hope I can help.
Thank you! :)

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