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!DS: Small closet cleaning, cheap brand

♥Paypal fees are included in the price
♥I ship from the UK, please ask about international postage
♥I usually look for the cheapest postage option. Let me know if you want tracking or insurance included as that will cost more
♥I'm not responsible for items that get lost in the mail or the time parcels take to get to you once I've posted them
♥Measurements are approximate and all measurements are flat measurements
♥Feedback: and on ebay

Metamorphose A-line dress

Bust: 42.5 cm
Waist: free
Length: 87cm

Condition: there's some discolouration on the inside of the collar, which wouldn't pick up on the camera and there's a small stain on the bottom lace (see pic).

Price: £50
P&P within the UK: £4.50

H.Naoto Ruffle Cardigan
I bought this from Closet Child some time ago. It's in a fair used condition, but it's not jet black anymore. It has a grey pattern on the back.

Measurements (the material has some stretch, but these are the minimum measurements)
Bust: 42cm
Waist: 38cm
Length: 54cm
Sleeve length: 58cm

Price: £11
P&P within the UK: £3

Black Peace Now Kodona/Aristocrat/Pirate Blouse

Bust: 45-46 cm
Waist: 37-38cm
Length: 60cm
Sleeve length: 62cm (the way they are cuffed in the photos)

Condition: I love this blouse, because it reminds me of the Rose of Versailles for some reason! I can picture Oscar wearing it :) Anyway, it's been worn a lot and there is discolouration on the inside of the colour, which wouldn't pick up on the camera and there's a stripe around one of the cuffs (see pic) and there might be some faint discolouration on the back as well, can't tell due to bad lighting. Needs ironing due to long storage. All of this isn't very noticeable when worn, but I priced it accordingly low.

Price: £10
P&P within the UK: £3

Angelic Pretty White Blouse

Bust: 42-43cm
Waist: 37-38cm
Length: 48cm
Sleeve length (with sleeves attaached): 56-57cm

Condition: Barely worn, just needs ironing due to long storage. The sleeves are detachable, so it's a very versatile blouse :)
Price: £27
P&P within the UK: £3

H&M Bow Cardigan in white x black

Size: I have cut out the size tag at some point, but it's an XS, UK 6 or Euro 34
Condition: used
Price: £5
P&P within the UK: £3.00

Maxicimam Tie

Cute white tie with the brand logo embroidered in silver. There is a very faint stain on it which would not pick up on the camera and it's barely noticeable anyway, but has to be mentioned :)

Price: £5
P&P within the UK: £2

Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, black peace now, h.naoto, maxicimam, metamorphose, miho matsuda, offbrand, shirley temple
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