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!DS: Closet Cleaning--Come get some awesome offbrand deals!


I ship from North Carolina, USA (27012).

EGL feedback page: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/659040.html

1) I'd prefer to do all transactions over the comments; if you have to message me, please leave a comment saying you did so or I might miss it.
2) If you ask a question about an item, I will give you one day after I answer it to respond before I move on to the next person. (Please tell me if you decide not to buy something, it'll make the whole process move a lot more quickly)

Note: Some of the pictures are a bit old; I've been meaning to sell these items for several months now and they've basically been sitting in my closet since then. I used the old pictures for convenience's sake. However, if you would like a new picture just tell me and I'd be happy to oblige :)

1. Offbrand socks - $5/pair + shipping [Pair with bows - Sold]


2. Knit & Co. cutsew - $10 + shipping
Bust - 15.5" flat


3. Altered offbrand JSK w/ headbow - $25 + shipping
Girls' size 14/16; bust - 17" flat, waist - 16" flat
This is actually a girls'/children's dress that I altered (added the black ruffle along the bottom). I bought an XL to get the longest length possible and intended to take in the sides a bit, but I never got around to it.

plaidjskplaid headband

Worn with Knit&Co. cutsew:


Bodyline macaron skirt - $25 + shipping [Pending]
Size M


Note: I altered the detachable bow to make it a good bit smaller, so that it looks less head-eating when worn as a headbow. I still have the extra fabric that I took off of it and will be happy to include it if you like!



Offbrand sheer cream blouse - $10 + shipping Sold!
Industry size L; bust: 21" flat

owhblouse-2 owhblouse

Offbrand sheer pink blouse - $10 + shipping Sold!
Industry size M; bust: 17" flat
I had trouble getting the color right in the pictures; the blouse is actually a light ballet pink. The 3rd picture is probably the closest.
There was a small rip along the seam on the back of the sleeve that I had to repair.


Detail of repaired seam:


R-Series classical blouse - $40 Sold!
Size M; measurements from R-Series website: bust - 88cm, waist - 68cm; it also has back lacing.


Stock photo:


HMHM bow embroidery JSK - $45 + shipping Sold!
Bust: 16.5" flat; waist: 13" flat; has shirring and back lacing
This JSK was really lovely embroidery all over the skirt. Unfortunately in some areas the embroidery has begun to unravel a bit, so there are threads poking out in some places.
It also has a ruffle of cute polka-dot tulle around the bottom, which you can see better in the second picture.



Handmade summer fruit skirt - $10 + shipping Sold!
Waist- 16" flat, plus shirring (+~6")
Full disclosure: This skirt was the first Lolita item I made, and I was kind of a crap seamstress then. It definitely has its flaws: It's unlined and there are loose threads on the inside and some irregular stitching around the waist. Still, I think it's a cute skirt for a summer picnic.
It has a half-elasticized waistband, with shirring in the back.


Offbrand lavender cardigan - $10 + shipping Sold!
Industry size S
This cardigan is actually a little lighter than the pictures appear--more lavender than purple--and it is perfect for sweet Lolita! It's cropped to waist-height, so it doesn't bunch over JSKs.


Offbrand petti - $15 + shipping Sold!
This is a really nice petticoat that is made of soft, non-scratchy tulle and gives a very full shape.


(See above pictures of the HMHM bow embroidery JSK for worn reference)

In the Starlight cupcake petti - $15 + shipping Sold!
This petti is pretty old and has lost much of its original poof, but honestly, it is perfect for casual Lolita. It gives just enough poof for a nice silhouette without danger of getting stuck in the doorway. Even better, it has an inside lining of soft cotton that makes it super comfortable to wear.


Thanks for looking!
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