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!DS Lots of ETC, plus JetJ, MmM, IW... massive closet cleaning!

DS! Lots of ETC and JetJ, plus MmM, JM, MILK, AP, Meta, IW, F+F, and Taobao...

Help me clean out my closet and feed my otome addiction! <3

**US Buyers only, unless you are willing to pay International Priority Mail shipping rates! I do not want to take the risk of something not getting to you.**

Terms of sale:
- I only accept PayPal in US Dollars; no e-checks
- Within the US, I will ship everything via USPS Priority flat rate mail. International, please ask, but note that will only use International Priority Mail!
- I will combine items into one box to save on shipping, as long as everything fits!
- The first person to leave their PayPal address has priority - If you prefer to send your PP via PM, that's fine, just leave me a message here that you are sending me the PM! I'll get back to you with the shipping cost and you can decide if you want to purchase from there.
- Invoices from me will come from j*****.b****@gmail.com
- I can ship every day the post office is open.
- All items are from a smoke-free home. I do have pet cockatiels, though. They don't go anywhere near my closet, but just in case you are allergic to birds, be warned!
- All measurements were taken quite unprofessionally by me, unless it is stated that they came from Hello Lace. Please keep this in mind.
- I would be willing to look at trades. My current wishlist is here: http://pinterest.com/jonniebentz/lolitaotome-wishlist/
 I am 173cm tall and I have a 90cm bust and 72cm waist... please don't offer me something that won't fit. It is so depressing! -_-;

My EGL feedback is here.

Proof is Pinkie Pie and my bedspread!

JetJ "Die Sterntaler" OP - new - size 2 - $320 - sold, thank you!

JetJ Aquarius Copperius Bureau skirt - new - size 2 - $210 - sold, thank you!

Bought new through a shopping service... doesn't look good on me.
Sizing and details from the JetJ website:

JetJ Rose du Plisse "Evelyn" OP - NWT - $250

I bought this new off Y!J. It's a 2004 JetJ dress... I knew it would be too small in the bust but I figured I would have it altered... what I did not figure was that this color looks terrible on me! ^^; This dress is gorgeous... it's made out of wonderful, heavy, textured material. I'm terribly disappointed in how bad the color looks on me... This is the darker of the two colorways, if you can't tell in the proof pic...

Measurements on Hello Lace

Stock photo


ETC flocky Alice JSK - blue - used - $200

Bought used off the comm sales... unworn by me. In perfect condition.
Measurements taken by me, laying flat, are length 92cm, bust 38~48cm. The straps are not adjustable.

20130315 Sales Post01

ETC Bambi forest skirt - grey - used - $190 - sold pending payment plan, thank you!

I recently acquired the JSK version of this, so I'm selling the skirt!
Measurements taken by me, laying flat, are length 52cm, waist 33~47cm.

ETC Donut OP - used - $175 - sold, thank you!

Bought used off Mbok... I wore this a lot last winter! I adore this dress, but it is just so short on me I finally decided I should sell it. There is a small pull in the fabric on the ruffle on the left side (picture below). Measurements as I took them, laying flat, are bust 45cm, length 85cm (waist and hips are totally free).

ETC Tea Time JSK - cream - used - $180 - sold, thank you!

Bought new through a shopping service. Worn once by me.
Measurements laying flat are length 93cm, bust 36~44cm.

ETC stripe JSK - mint - new - $130

Bought new through a shopping service. Unworn by me.
Measurements as I took them, laying flat, are length 93cm and bust 39~48cm. The straps are not adjustable.

20130315 Sales Post19

ETC Fur Collar Wrap Sweater - cream - used - $30

Bought used off the comm sales. Unworn by me.This is in lovely condition, with some very light pilling under the arms. I am not sure if the fur is real, but it feels like it might be... The fur collar is detachable.

Measurements as I took them, laying flat, are bust 44cm, length 42cm, sleeve length 59cm.

Sleeve detail

ETC glitter ballerina shoes - silver - L size - used - $150

Bought new through a shopping service, worn once by me. L size is 24.5. I wear a 7.5 US and I find these to be about a half size to a size too big... size 8 US would probably be super comfortable and 8.5 US would probably be able to wear them, but might find them a bit tight depending on how wide your feet are.

20130315 Sales Post20
20130315 Sales Post21

ETC and Meta OTKs - all new - ETC $25 each; Meta $10

Meta OTKs sold, thank you!

ETC OTKs both bought new through SS and tried on.

20130315 Sales Post22

ETC Cake necklace - used - $30

Bought used off Mbok. Chain is 70cm long total.

20130315 Sales Post23
20130315 Sales Post24

Shirley Temple teacup skirt - used - $40 - sold, thank you!

Bought used from Closet Child; unworn by me. Closet Child rated its condition to be 3/5.
Measurements taken by me, laying flat, are length 52cm, waist 27~43cm.

Jane Marple tulip JSK - used - $100

Bought used off the comm sales; worn once by me. There are ties that tie behind the neck, so the length could be slightly adjustable. There is a side zipper and back shirring.
Measurements taken by me, laying flat, are length 98cm and bust 38~44cm.

20130315 Sales Post12

MILK tweed jacket - used - $150

Bought used off Closet Child; unworn by me. Closet Child rated its condition to be 4/5. It's a super cute multicolored tweed fabric with some sparkly threads woven in as well. If Chanel did otome! ^-~
Measurements as I took them, laying flat, are bust 42cm, length 64cm, sleeve length 55cm, sleeve width 16cm, shoulders 36cm across.

20130315 Sales Post04
20130315 Sales Post05

Milk Faux Fur wrap/tippet - black - used - $40

Bought used off Y!J. Very cute, but I have not worn it once, and I'm trying to clear things out! It's black faux fur with sparkly black strands sprinkled among the non-sparkly ones. It is nearly impossible to see in the pictures, but the front where it closes has a black bow made out of the fur, with the little dangly... thing... you can see in the front hanging from it.


MmM Sleeping Garden Shirred OP long version - navy - new - $365 - on hold pending payment plan for kiracatlover

Cerise Big Bow dress - black x white hearts - used - $65 - sold, thank you!

Bought new off the Baby Ribbon website... waaaaay too short for me. The straps are adjustable.
Measurements as I took them laying flat are length 84cm, bust 37~45cm.
Since the detail is hard to see in the pictures due to the busy pattern, here's a link to a plain white one on the Baby Ribbon website:

F+F Faur Fur Hooded Cape - Gray x Gray - New, no tags - $35

Bought new from F+F... doesn't suit my clothes the way I had hoped. It seems pretty free sized, since it just hangs on your shoulders, although it is a Lady 85 size, according to F+F.


Innocent World plaid JSK - used - $125

Bought new off the IW website. I wore this three or four times. It's a lighter weight fabric perfect for spring and summer, although I wore it in the winter too! The little bows at the straps are detachable. The straps are also adjustable - I have the buttons moved down as far as they will go right now, so it won't get any longer, although it could easily be made shorter.
Measurements as I took them, laying flat, are length 97cm, bust 38~47cm, waist 31~37cm.

20130315 Sales Post13

AP Chandelier skirt - sax - used - $120 - sold, thank you!

Bought used off the comm; unworn by me... never quite got my waist small enough for it to be comfortable. ^^; There are detachable waist ties and a bow at the front that is also detachable.
The person I bought it from said there is a small stain on it... I can barely see it. I tried to take a close-up picture of where it is, although even enhancing the photo I don't think it's really visible. It's really a gorgeous skirt... sax x silver is such a pretty combination. It reminds me of a snow queen...
Hello Lace measurements and info are here:

Meta Winter LP JSK - black plaid - NWT - $100 - sold, thank you!

It has two extra bows with it, still in their package, which will come with the dress. This JSK is fully shirred, and could fit a large range of sizes! The waist ties are detachable.
Measurements as I took them, laying flat,  are bust 44cm unstretched and 40cm stretched, waist 34 cm unstretched and 42cm stretched, and length 89cm. The shoulder straps have buttons that could be adjusted to make it longer or shorter.

Liebo (Taobao) skirt - new - $25

I bought this skirt new from Taobao. Unfortunately it's too short for me... it has a built-in petti with slight to medium pouf.
Measurements took by me are: length 41cm/48cm to the end of the underskirt/petti ruffle; 38~59cm waist.

20130315 Sales Post06

Thank you for looking! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. ^-^
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