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DS: SWIMMER HEADPHONES, Kera Magazines, and Brand Clothes!

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Swimmer Marshmallow Headphones - $40 each
Shipping (within the US): $6.50-$7.50
Daisy Blue - 1 available
Strawberry Dark Pink - 1 available
Star Light Pink - 1 available
Candy Green - 1 available
 photo marshmallowheadphone4_zps68aecdf4.jpg
Proof Photos:
Photos of Daisy Blue:
 photo marshmallowheadphoneflower1_zpsde481d47.jpg
 photo marshmallowheadphoneflower3_zpse9947531.jpg
Photos of Strawberry Dark Pink:
 photo marshmallowheadphoneichigo1_zps2c561a31.jpg
 photo marshmallowheadphoneichigo3_zps960ed90a.jpg
Photos of Star Light Pink:
 photo marshmallowheadphonestar1_zpsdc404d2d.jpg
 photo marshmallowheadphonestar3_zpsc2d682a6.jpg
Photos of Candy Green:
 photo marshmallowheadphonesweets1_zpsbbff0ebd.jpg
 photo marshmallowheadphonesweets3_zps45b22f0e.jpg
Kera Magazines - $70 shipped for all! Can buy individually
All in good to excellent condition unless otherwise noted. Shipping will be $10.50 for up to 7 volumes. If you would like to buy ALL of the volumes, I can sell them for $70 shipped!
Kera, Vol. 102, January 2007 - $6
Kera, Vol. 103, February 2007 - $6
Kera, Vol. 104, March 2007 -$6
*some discoloration on cover
Kera, Vol. 105, April 2007 - $4
*loose binding!
Kera, Vol. 106, May 2007 - $5
*some dark parts on cover
Kera, Vol. 107, June 2007 - $6
Kera, Vol. 108, July 2007 - $6
*small dark markings on cover
Kera. Vol. 109, August 2007 - $6
*small dark markings on cover
Kera, Vol. 110, September 2007- $6
Kera, Vol. 114, January 2008 - $6
*Slight Cover damage from water
Kera, Vol. 115, February 2008 - $7
Kera, October 2008 - $7
Kera, December 2008 - $7
Jane Marple Chandelier JSK - $240
Shipping (within the US): $6-$12
Bust: 32"-34"
Waist: 26"
Length: 38"
An absolutely GORGEOUS JSK by Jane Marple. It's in great condition, exept that there is some slightly lightening on one of the straps, which I showed accurately in photos below.
Close-up on Slight Lightening:¤t=IMG_0969.jpg
Emily Temple Cute Gingerbread Cookie Skirt - $100
Shipping (within the US): $6-$11
Shipping (outside the US): ~$40 via EMS
Waist: 24"-27"
Length: 19"
Condition: Purchased second-hand online. Worn twice by me. Has a small green stain on the front, shown in photos below. Has partial shirring in the back.
Emily Temple Cute Lavender Tiered Skirt - $22
Shipping (within the US): $6-$11
Shipping (outside the US): ~$40 via EMS
Waist (max): 27 inches (68.5 cm).
Length: 16 inches (40.5 cm).
Description: Purchased used on the Comm Sales, never worn by me. In excellent condition. This skirt is beautiful, but I really don't need need more skirts, and really shouldn't have purchased it in the first place! The original owner re-sewed the clasps holding the waist together. A very light purple.
Photos of fixed clasp at waist:
Angelic Pretty Country Sweets SK (pink) - $100
Length: 22"
Purchased second-hand, never worn by me. There is a line-like stain on the lower portion of the skirt, which was there when I purchased it. I have not attempted to remove it, simply because I do not want to accidentally further damage the skirt prior to selling.
Stock Photo:
Print Close-up:
Peace Now Stars SK - $70
Shipping (within the US): $6-$12
Shippin (outside the US): about $15 via First Class, $35 via Priority mail, $45 via Express Mail. Please ask for specifics.
Brand new, only tried on. Purchased from the Black Peace Now store in San Francisco. Fully shirred waist, can fit up to 30" (perhaps a little more? Ask for specifics if you're closer to the max).
More Detail (sorry for the weird "halo effect", it's very sunny right now!)
Peace Now Fairytale Asymmetrical Shirt - $35 $30
Shipping (within the US): $6
Brand new with tags. A little wrinkly from storage, but otherwise brand new.
Peace Now Circus Shirt - $30
Shipping (within the US): $5.50
Shipping (overseas): $15
Bust: 32"-36" (can stretch more, but may cause some small breaks in design)
Waist: 30"-34" (again, can stretch more, but may cause breaks in design)
Purchased at the BPN store in San Francisco. Tried on once, brand new with tags (see photo for proof).
Beth Alice in Wonderland T-Shirt - $30
Shipping (within the US): $5.50
Shipping (overseas): $15
Bust: 30"-34" (can stretch to 36" or 38", but may cause breaks in design)
Waist: 26"-30" (can stretch more, but may cause breaks in design)
In excellent condition. It's hard to see in the photo, but the design is glittery gold, and the shirt is pure black (it look light in the photo, in real life it's darker). Purchased on the comm, but it's too small for me.
Angelic Pretty Blue Gingham Headbow - $20
Shipping within the US: varies. Please ask for estimate
In excellent condition.
BTSSB Bunny Earmuffs (all white)- $30
Shipping (within the US): $6
In excellent condition. I am selling the WHITE earmuffs with WHITE ribbon.
Swimmer Bear Wallet - $30
Shipping (within the US): $5.50
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