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SOLD! Thanks!

Terms of Selling:
♥ My EGL Feedback is here.
♠ I am willing to do meet-ups in northern SF and anywhere between San Rafael - Sausalito.
♣ All prices are listed in USD and do NOT include shipping.
♦ Priority goes to the first person who PM's or comments their Paypal and can pay in full.
♥ I am NOT willing to do holds or payment plans. Sorry!
♠ Buyer is responsible for all PayPal fees.

Selling: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Pink Head Eating Bow - SOLD

Details: I bought this bow in store from BTSSB, SF and haven't used it. It's a gigantic, pink bow with cherries and the word "Baby" embroidered into it. It's a softer pink, but very beautiful. I just don't have anything to go with it. It has wiring in it so you can shape the bow however you want! It sticks straight up just fine and looks good lain flat down on your head.
Dimensions: I am only measuring the bow part, NOT the headband. This includes the lace. Again, this is a wired head bow so it can go a little shorter and a little bigger depending on how you want it to.
                      From top to bottom: ~16cm
                      From widest point to next: ~26cm

What I Am Willing To Trade For:

I am really open to trades for anything sweet, I accept partial trades for this item. Priority goes to someone who is willing to pay money in full though.
I really LOVE Alice in Wonderland themed things, and I am looking for pony themed things to go with my Dreamy Pony jsk.
I am also looking for Bodyline's Spiked Rocking Horse Shoes in BLACK, that can fit a US size 9.5-10 foot (I have a wide foot) / 26cm long.
Also looking for a brown, ruffly blouse. I plan on doing a Draven-inspired coordinate for Pax Prime, and that is a ways off so this is the least of my worries.

Out of all these items, the Bodyline Spiked RHS is probably my top priority and would be the only thing I am willing to dish out a little cash for.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tags: !ds, !dt, baby the stars shine bright, color:pink, item:hair accessory
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