Sarah F (bunnymonstr) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Sarah F

DS/DT: Top, bolero, and skirt (Meta, AP)

If you'd like additonal photos, measurements, or information, please feel free to ask.

Photos have been taken in my apartment stairwell, under normal incandescent lighting, along with the flash on my camera. Colors may vary according to your monitor.
All prices are negotiable. ♥ Feel free to make me an offer
Also willing to trade for sweet lolita or fairy kei cutsews, OTK Socks, and print skirts or JSK's in my size! (B44 W29)

Everything will be washed (or drycleaned as appropriate) and ironed before sending out. I accept PayPal only, and shipping is NOT included.

Priority goes to the individual who can and will pay soonest.

My Feedback:


Metamorphose White Chiffon Blouse - $40

Size: Decent range of sizes, up to about 32" waist and 42" bust.
Condition: 3/5 Worn frequently. Minor makeup smudge on neck tie and second button from top, one button replaced with included extra button.

Metamorphose Ivory Noel Series Skirt - $120

Size: Wide range of sizes. Up to 32" (?) waist
Condition: 4/5. Worn a few times, missing ribbon for lace-up in the back.
Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty, color:cream, color:purple, color:white, item:blouse, item:bolero, item:skirt, metamorphose
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