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!DS: 20% off! IW Toy Parade, AP Dreamland, Peace Now sweater, Putumayo cutsew, & more!

Terms of Service

  • Payment: I accept Paypal only, sorry!

  • Priority: For guaranteed priority, you must (1) be the first to leave your Paypal for the item, (2) pay full price, and (3) pay within 24 hours of invoice. All three conditions must be met for your spot to be guaranteed. Otherwise, the item moves down the line to the first person who fulfills all three criteria. For example, if you leave your Paypal first and can pay within 24 hours, but you offer a price lower than the asking price, then the buyer who left their Paypal after you and will pay full price within 24 hours gets the item instead. If no one fulfills all three criteria, then highest priority goes to conditions 1 and 2. If no one offers full price, it goes to the buyer offering the highest price. I will wait 24 hours after receiving the highest offer, to give the other buyers a chance to counter-offer.

  • Holds: I am willing to hold items for a non-refundable 20% deposit, unless stated otherwise. This may be negotiable, let me know if you want to work something out.

  • If you are really, really interested in an item but need to ask a question first, please leave your paypal address to hold your place in line. I will not invoice until you give me the go-ahead. Buyers are encouraged to PM me their Paypal addresses, and any Paypal addresses left in a comment will be screened for the buyer's protection.

  • Shipping: I ship by default using recycled packaging. For shipping within the U.S., I use priority shipping with tracking, but uninsured (I am also willing to consider shipping first class with Delivery Confirmation, on a case by case basis. Let me know if you're interested!). If the value of the package is $200 or more, I will only ship with Signature Confirmation.

    For international shipping: I prefer to ship via EMS, which comes with tracking. I am happy to mark packages as "gift" and mark the value down. If you choose to have the value marked down, please note: the package is ONLY insured for the value marked on the package, so if the package is damaged or lost, we can only reclaim the value marked. This is the risk that you agree to take if you ask me to mark down the value; I will not refund if the package is lost/damaged during shipping, and the insurance value was less than the actual value. I am willing to ship first class, registered mail, or Priority Mail International only if the buyer sends me payment as a gift. First class, Registered, and Priority do not come with tracking, so I am not responsible if you choose this shipping method and the package ends up damaged or lost. I will still mark packages as "gift" and mark the value down, and will provide you a picture of the shipping receipt as proof. If you choose Priority Mail International, you can purchase insurance (but again, no tracking!), but the insurance value has to match the value declared on the customs form. If you choose to insure for a lower value than the actual price of the item, if the package is damaged or lost, we can only reclaim the value marked. If you choose Registered Mail, it is the slowest method I offer, but it is also the most secure compared to first class and priority mail, since it is always locked in a safe (separate from the other mail) and requires the signatures of all postal workers at each checkpoint.

  • I am not responsible for the item(s) once it has left my hands. If the package is lost and no tracking or insurance was purchased, I will certainly descend upon the post office on your behalf, but I do not refund.

  • Offers are welcome, but please keep in mind that due to my priority policies listed above, you may forfeit your spot in line in the process.

  • Loss of communication after 24 hours will be interpreted as a loss of interest, and the item will pass on to the next buyer in line.

  • All prices are in USD, and all measurements are amateur because I am armed with only a straight ruler and a flat mattress. Please also note that clothes are arranged to look nice on my dress form, so please don't refer to the fit of the clothes on the dress form when deciding how the clothes will fit you!

  • All items come from a smoke-free and pet-free home :3

  • I reserve the right to refuse to sell to a user, at my own discretion.

  • If you are more comfortable purchasing through PMs, feel free to do so. However, please leave a comment here stating that you've PMed me, in case LJ's notifications go wonky again -_-

My feedback is here.

Proof that I own my dress form, proof that I own my sheep's wool accessories display.

On to the pretty things! Please note that I am selling some things for a friend, so replies for several of the items may be slow. All of the items are in my possession, though, and I will be handling invoicing and shipping, so I take full responsibility for all of the items listed =]

Innocent World Toy Parade skirt, black x grey (NWT) SOLD
Price: $125 $100 + shipping and Paypal fees


Waist: 23"-26"
Length (top of the waist band to the bottom of the hem): 23"

Closes with a hidden side zipper and a button. Partially shirred. It feels like the material is a light wool, and the skirt is fully lined. The skirt was designed without waist ties. The waist band, hem, and print are velveteen =]

Closeups of the print (lightened to show detail):

Tag Proof #1
Tag Proof #2
Button on the waist!

Putumayo pink long-sleeved cutsew (NWT) SOLD
Price: $65 $52 + shipping and Paypal fees


Bust: 32"-38"
Waist: 30"-35"
Length (top of the shoulder to the bottom of the hem): 21"

Adorable print, has just been sitting in storage!

Detail shot:

Closeups of the awesome text:

Tag proof

Algonquins red x blue tartan skirt
Price: $25 $20 + shipping and Paypal fees

Waist: 25"-29"
Length (top of the waistband to the bottom of the hem): 15"

Bought used. The skirt closes with an inside button on the right, and your choice of one of the two buttons on the left! Two of the three buttons feel loose, but not close to falling off. There's light pilling all over, and there's also a small snag in the fabric of the lining. No shirring.

Choice of two buttons on the left side:

How the buttons work:

Back of the skirt
Inside lining of the skirt
Snag on the inside lining in the middle of the ring)
Tag proof (with a spare button!)

Peace Now white rabbit sweater SOLD
Price: $45 $36 + shipping and Paypal fees


Bust: 33"-40"
Waist: 31"-37"
Length (top of the shoulder to the bottom of the hem): 24.5"

Bought secondhand, but the sweater is in excellent condition! The rabbit is fuzzy and has a pompom for its tail, and there's subtle ribbed knitting at the shoulder junction :3 The sweater is a little fuzzy due to the material (it feels like a polyester blend), but there are no stains or pilling from use =]


The tail pompom :3

Tag proof

Angelic Pretty Dreamland OP in pink SOLD
Price: $220 $176 + shipping and Paypal fees


Bust: 91cm (hellolace)
Waist: 71cm (hellolace)
Length: 89cm (hellolace)
Sleeve circumference: 30cm (hellolace)
Hellolace link

Bought secondhand, excellent condition! Features scalloped false pockets, collar, and waist ties. Waist ties are included, and are detachable =] Zips up the back, and closes with a hook. Please note that there is no shirring! The dress comes with a bit of tulle supporting the ruffles at the bottom, and is fully lined. No rips or stains =]

False pocket and bow!

Back of the dress
Tag proof

AP Candy Pop, Milky Berry, IW Dot Jacquard Circus, and more here! Thanks for looking! =]
Tags: !ds, algonquins, angelic pretty, color:black, color:blue, color:pink, color:red, color:white, innocent world, item:cutsew, item:onepiece, item:skirt, peace now, putumayo
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