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DS! Milky-chan items, and accessories ~ A bag and a wig!

♥ Location: Laredo, TX.
♥ Payment Type: Paypal. Price includes shipping inside the US unless otherwise stated, international please inquire.
♥ I don't take responsibility once a package leaves my hands.
Here is my feedback:
All sales are final.
♥ First to leave Paypal address gets priority.

EVERY PRICE IS OBO. PLEASE MAKE ME OFFERS (Person who can pay in full takes priority)

tumblr_mab10v9Dit1roozkr Milky-chan of the Fawn Brown Cardigan tumblr_mab10v9Dit1roozkr

New without tags, as far as I know. It is very pretty, but I don't have the dress anymore and I don't think I will be buying it anytime soon.
Asking $125 shipped WORLDWIDE (+ fees) but remember, make me offers!


tumblr_mab10v9Dit1roozkrMilky-chan of the Fawn OTKs tumblr_mab10v9Dit1roozkr
Some pilling on the bottom. $40 shipped in the US (+ pp fees)


tumblr_mab10v9Dit1roozkr Split Wig with Twin-tails Brown/Blonde - tumblr_mab10v9Dit1roozkr
A little tangled but in good condition. Bangs have been trimmed.
$25 shipped in the US (+ fees)

tumblr_mab10v9Dit1roozkr Banni Rabbit Bow Purse (Dark mint/ Turquoise) tumblr_mab10v9Dit1roozkr

Great condition! Long straps included.
$30 shipped in the US (+fees)

tumblr_mab10v9Dit1roozkrAngelic Pretty Dreamy Heart Ring tumblr_mab10v9Dit1roozkr
$20 shipped in the US (+ fees)


tumblr_mab10v9Dit1roozkr Offbrand? Pudding ring tumblr_mab10v9Dit1roozkr
524932_381867055244104_432317143_n2013-02-16 00.35.06
2013-02-16 00.35.24

I couldn't find any info on this little ring. It is adjustable and it is super cute.
$20 shipped in the US (+fees)

Or buy BOTH rings for $30 shipped (+fees)
Proof picture of everything
2013-02-15 23.05.10

The only trades that I will consider are for the Twinkle Constellation socks and Headbow (in navy) and jewelry (maybe stars/constellations items? like the chocomint fuzzy stars)

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, item:accessory, item:cardigan, item:legwear, item:wigs
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