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!GO: Fairy-Angel Group Order

Hello! This is my second attempt at running a group order. Last time there were not enough participants, so it fell through. This time I was asked by a girl to re-try, and hopefully it can work this time! Fairy-Angel is a Lolita brand resale shop located in Japan. The reason for me hosting this is because there is a 3000yen (~$35) flat rate shipping cost for all orders, which can be easily divided amongst participants. To be able to order from this site, you must have an account, which I do. Most items will not show you the sale price unless you have an account. In which case, please send me a message with the link and I will tell you as soon as possible! I will also try my best to answer any questions about the items as I can.

We will be ordering from this website:

International orders are more than welcome, but please be aware of shipping costs since I live in the US.
The minimum amount of participants will be 3.

Since this is a second hand shop, things tend to sell out quickly (seeing as they have more 'sold' items than not). Because of this, the GO will be open until Sunday night. Payment is due at the End Time, and items will be purchased on Monday, January 5th.
There will be two payments involved:

          First is the cost of the items + your share of the 3000yen + $5 fee. If you wish, you can send payment as a gift to avoid the paypal fees.
            Second is the cost of shipping from me to you.

GO Start Time: February 15, 2:00pm
GO End Time: February 17, 11:59pm
(central time zone)

To send in your order, please fill out this form and email it to:
Please title your message with: Fairy-Angel GO [Your name]

LJ Username:
Paypal Address:
Shipping Address:
Links to items:

Number of Participants: 3
Because there is usually only one of each item, I will be making a list of claimed items. First come first serve!


Thank you for checking this out!
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