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DS: Bodyline black bunny parka, AP shopping bag set WTB: AP chocolate JSK, chiffon black blouse


Shipped from The Netherlands

I accept Paypal

Prices does not include shipping , unless stated

Prices in Euro

PP fees not included in price(3%)

Not responsible for lost/damaged packages once shipped

No returns

I ship worldwide, I'm happy to combine items to save shipping.

Feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1376415.html


Bodyline black/pink Bunny Parka

Size M
Worn, condition 4/5

Length 70cm
Bust 90cm
Waist 80cm
Sleeve length 60cm

25 euro + shipping or best offer!

Angelic pretty Shopping bag set
1 Large, unworn
1 small, worn
5.50 euro shipped Or best offer for both!


I really want to buy a AP chocolate JSK ( Chocolate Chess, Chocolate Rosette ) also Tiara Rose Chest Ribbon JSK in black.
A classic chiffon longsleevs or 1/3 sleeved black blouse, offbrand or brand

Thanks for looking! Have a happy day~! :)
Tags: !ds, !wtb, angelic pretty, bodyline, color:black, item:hoodie/parka
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