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Proof Photos, When Feedback Can Be Left, and PayPal Alternatives

Just a few quick things today!

Proof Photos
Please be aware that all sales posts must include proof photos. These proof photos must fully show all details of all items- they can't just show half of an item. The only exception to this is unopened, brand-issued lucky packs. These may be shown in the bags or boxes they arrived in; however, they still must be accompanied by proof photos. It's not okay
to make a sales post about an item that you do not yet have in-hand(because it is with a shopping service or something like that). It's not okay to post about a lucky pack you made with some items you had lying around the house and only show a photo of your "LP" in a shopping bag.

When Feedback Can Be Left
We've noticed some people trying to alter the rules about when feedback can be left, or stating in their sales terms of service that it's acceptable for them to back out of a sale and that the seller can't leave them negative feedback (or conversely, that a seller can back out of a sale after invoicing and buyers can't leave them negative feedback). This is not okay. If you are a buyer, once you have left your PayPal e-mail address and asked to be invoiced, you have committed to a purchase. Backing out after that point leaves you open to negative or neutral feedback. If you are a seller, once you have invoiced a buyer, you have committed to the sale. Backing out after that point will leave you open to negative or neutral feedback from the buyer. The one exception to this is if the buyer takes an extended amount of time (usually 24+ hours, unless stated otherwise in your sales terms of service) to pay without prior notice, you may cancel the invoice and sell to a different buyer with no repercussions. Saying that anything else is acceptable in your sales
posts' terms of service does not alter this rule, and attempting to use your sales post terms of service to skirt community rules will result in post deletion or rejection.

Please note this is not meant to cover cases where buyer and seller have engaged in discussion and decided, after PP addresses have been left and invoices have been sent, it would be best for both parties to not engage in a transaction for whatever reason. If it's mutually decided upon that it's best not to continue with a sale or trade, that is acceptable and moderators will not enforce or allow negative or neutral feedback. This is just meant to cover cases where buyer or seller attempt to back out of a transaction without the other party's prior consent and then attempt to claim they are shielded from negative feedback by terms of service they placed in their sales post.

PayPal Alternatives
The recent scam situations have brought to light PayPal's virtually nonexistent protections for sellers who are located outside of the United States. Even if you do everything right, as a non-US seller it can be all but impossible to get your money back through PayPal if you're scammed by an unscrupulous buyer. In light of this, we'd like to encourage non-US sellers to consider using non-PayPal modes of payment. While eBay charges higher fees than PP, they do offer protection for sellers in just about every country. It may be worth taking a hit to your profit to avoid losing the entire purchase price of an item. Amazon Payments is another alternative you may wish to consider. Many sellers currently accept it on the sales community and report being very satisfied with it. They don't offer protection for as many countries as eBay but they would be a good option for most European and North and South American sellers. The service charges the same fees as PayPal and can be set up using an existing Amazon account. We're working on getting guides up for both these services but we just wanted to mention that they are out there for those concerned after the recent maikodolly fiasco.

ETA: If neither of these options sound appealing to you, US sellers also have the option of using Serve, a PayPal-like service run through American Express, to perform transactions with other US sellers and buyers. Those located in the EU, Great Britain, and most non-EU countries on the European continent also have the option of using Moneybookers to sell and buy from other sellers in those countries.

And that's all from us today. As always, please feel free to ask if you have any questions or concerns, and thanks for using the sales community!
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