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DS!: Pink Baby skirt and Holley Tea Time creepy cute set

* my feedback:
* priority goes to the first to leave their paypal--please PM it to me, DO NOT leave it in a comment!
* paypal fees are included in price
* any questions, please comment or PM me!
* priority to US buyers, but I will ship internationally

Proof photo!

Baby Snow Dot Skirt -- Dark Pink


US: $50 (shipping included!)
International: $50 + ask for shipping quote

Worn a couple times and bought second-hand, no damages that I can see. Super cute hot pink color, looks great with or without a petti!

Lolibrary link:
More of my pictures:

Holley Tea Time Milky Lavender Night Skirt + Headbow -- Black, S/M


US: $80 (shipping included!)
International: $80 + ask for shipping quote

Bought from Holley Tea Time and will include tags, only worn a couple times. Keep in mind the measurements on the site must fit your hip measurements too, because you have to pull it on. It barely fits me, unfortunately. :(

Skirt on HTT:
Bow on HTT:
More of my pictures:

Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, color:black, color:pink, indie brand, item:hair accessory, item:miniskirt, item:skirt
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