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DS! Angelic Pretty, Chantilly, BTSSB Mook & Pochette, SS, Lockshop, Fantasy Sheep

-All prices in USD
-paypal fees included in price
- I ship usps flat rate with tracking. Shipping not included in prices unless stated.  Shipping Prices:

--Shipping for all JSKS and OPS flat rate priority mail in an envelope:
$5.60 within US
$24 worldwide

--Shipping for shoes in a Medium Priority mail box:
$12.35 with US
$60 international

-Other shipping options available. Feel free to ask.
- first to leave paypal ready to pay gets item
- If you don't like my price, feel free to make an offer.
- Trades will be considered, but I prefer to sell. I'll consider trades for brand and taobao items.  I don't like replicas.
- my feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/917016.html

Angelic Pretty Sheep Garden OP in Beige-- $180 + shipping SOLD


Back: http://www.flickr.com/photos/theiceberg/8428525019/
lolibrary: http://lolibrary.org/node/7060

Bought new from Angelic Pretty USA and worn 2-3 times.  I found the tag and fabric sample that came with the dress and I will include that with the dress.  You can see it in the photo of the back of the dress.  No damage that I can see.

It's tough to measure as the bodice is fully shirred, but I measured:
Bust: 32" to 40" (possibly more)
Waist: 27" to 35" (possibly more)

Angelic Pretty marchen tartan Frill JSk in Pink -- $100 + shipping OBO SOLD


Back: http://www.flickr.com/photos/theiceberg/8429613466/
lolibrary: http://lolibrary.org/node/5101

A really cute JSK I received this in a trade.  It's a heavier weight.  Flaws: 1 of the tacking stiches from the front bow is gone (easy fix) and the zipper was replaced by someone to allow an extra 1/2".

Angelic Pretty Classic Melody Sailor JSK-- $180 + shipping obo


Back: http://www.flickr.com/photos/theiceberg/8428520895/in/photostream
lolibrary: http://lolibrary.org/node/10331

Bought new from AP USA. Worn maybe once or twice. No damage I can see.

Chantilly Phantom Merry-Go-Round OP-- $300 + shipping PENDING


back: http://www.flickr.com/photos/theiceberg/8429609152/
lolibrary: http://lolibrary.org/node/10689

Bought new from Harajuku Hearts and worn a few times.  Very comfortable and flattering.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Mook with Heart Pochette-- $30 + shipping SOLD
Additional Pic:http://www.flickr.com/photos/theiceberg/8429616776/

Never Opened-- Notes about shipping: I can fit it in a padded flat rate envelope. It's a really tight fit, & I'm not sure if I'll be able to wrap it in plastic to protect it. (The pouchette is sealed in plastic but the mook is not.) I can also open the pouchette portion up--it's in a box in the middle back of the mook-- and see if I can get everything to fit better in the envelope that way.

The other option is a medium flat rate box, which it will fit in no problem.  You can see rates for these shipping options above in my terms for both domestic and international.

Secret Shop Shoes Size L 24-24.5 -- $35 plus shipping


Additional Pics:

Worn.  Has some scratches and black marks.  Most can likely be removed with a magic eraser.

Offbrand Wooden Platform Shoes-- $15 plus shipping


Additional Pics:

Only been tried on; never worn out.  Best fits a US 7.5.

Lockshop Wig Silky Straight in Caramel-- $30 plus shipping


Lockshop page: http://lockshopwigs.com/18-silky-straight-caramel.html

Only tried on; doesn't suit me.  Needs a brushing.

Fantasy Sheep White Bob Wig-- $35 + shipping


Only tried on.

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