kirakira_circus (kirakira_circus) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!DS: Dear Celine Blouse, Secret Shop Shoes + Repost Wig

Domestic (USA) Shipping + Tracking included in price!

Dear Celine Bow Tie Blouse - $40 SOLD
B: 90
Corset Lacing in back (will come with corset ribbon)
Fair Condition (some buttons/buttonholes loose but all there)

Secret Shop Pearl Shoes - $50 SOLD
L 24.5
Good Condition (some minor scuffs on front, pearls completely restrung to be more durable!)

Brown/Blonde Mix Pigtail Wig - $25 OBO SOLD

Contains 1 base + 2 pigtails
Has a skin top!

Thanks for looking!
Tags: !ds, dear celine, item:wigs, secret shop
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