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!DS: Fanplusfriend skirt, Bodyline skirt, Handmade skirts, and a vintage Japanese blouse

- My EGL feedback is here
- Payment through Paypal, please.
- I ship from MA, USA.
- I live in a non-smoking building. I have no pets, and no one in my building has pets.
- All prices are in US Dollars. You may make a reasonable offer if you do not like my price.

- No refunds or returns. 
- All items have no flaws or stains. They're all in great to mint condition.
- Feel free to comment or PM me with any questions

FanplusFriend Chiffon Skirt in Navy - $45
I purchased this in mint condition off the Comm Sales, but it is too large for me. I would recommend this skirt for someone with a 30-32 inch waist or someone who is willing to alter the skirt to fit them. There are no flaws.
Proof photo:

Bodyline Antique Clock skirt_$40
Bodyline Antique Clock Skirt in Size M - $40 (Forty dollars)
This skirt is in mint condition, but sadly, it is too small for me. There is shirring and corset lacing in the back. There are no flaws.
Proof photo:
Handmade (not by me) Lolita Skirt - $65
Beautiful craftsmanship, and full elastic waistband. This is plus-size friendly! This skirt is new, only tried on for some pictures. It will fit a large variety of waist sizes (29 inches to 36 inches and possibly larger due to the full elastic waistband).
Detail on the skirt:
004 (2)
Handmade (not by me) Lolita Skirt $50
I love this skirt but it's too large for me. I only tried it on briefly and realized that it is too big. I would recommend this skirt for someone with a waist of at least 30 inches. It has a full elastic waistband, so this skirt can fit a variety of sizes. Plus size friendly!
Offbrand Lolita blouse: Authentic Vintage Japanese blouse - $55
This is a beautiful vintage Japanese blouse. Lovely eyelet details, pleats, pretty collar, and cuffs. 
Tag proof:
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