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!DS: Meta CL cutsew; AP purse; 5 wigs!

Please read before buying:
♪ I ship from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA (19104) to worldwide (US buyers preferred).
♪ Once you pay, please wait at least 5 business days for me to ship since I am a busy student.
♪ Paypal preferred
However if you can use Chase bank's QuickPay option that's fine as well!
♪ Priority goes to US buyers who can pay full price first.
♪ All prices in USD
♪ Holds depend on buyer feedback.
♪ Payment plans available; please ask!
♪ (Amateur) measurements are available.
♪ Additional photos available upon request.
EGLFBEGL-GO feedback; GSJ feedback; personal feedback

These are my proofs (pictures taken at different times)

Metamorphose Crown Label cutsew

AP ribbon handbag - sax

GLW Daily Doll Collection in Platinum Blonde

Long blonde wig - heat resistant
♪ Bought off ebay from cosplaywig
♪ Worn once when it was straight; then attempted to curl it but didn't finish.
It is now slightly wavy (which should straighten out with a brush), but there is one bunch of hair that is still curly.
♪ This wig needs to be brushed out, however I do not own a wig brush.
If you would still like me to brush it out with the risk of losing more fibers than normal brushing,
I can do that if you're committed to purchasing.
♪ Always been stored in the ziploc bag it came in, with the hair net + paper inside.
♪ 80cm / 32" long - I can provide worn pictures if requested.
♪ $25 shipped within USA; $20 + shipping int'l

from when I first got it under white light

2 Short layered blond wigs
♪ Bought off ebay from Becos (store no longer exists
♪ Both are the same exact wig; one is new and never worn;
the other has been cut/styled but washed out thoroughly - the texture is different.
♪ Please specify which one you would like when inquiring/commenting/PMing.
♪ Both wigs have always been stored in a ziploc bag with the net around it together,
with the blue wig below.
♪ Chin length - I can provide worn pictures if requested.
♪ $15 shipped within USA each; $10 + shipping int'l each
♪ Left: used + washed/ Right: NWOT

Used + washed wig: front side
NWOT wig: front side

Short layered blue wig
♪ Bought off ebay from Becos (store no longer exists
♪ Same exact wig as the two above, but in blue.
♪ Worn once by a friend, I don't believe he cut it.
♪ Very minor styling, brushed out.
♪ Always been stored with the two short blond wigs in the same net & bag.
♪ $15 shipped within USA; $10 + shipping int'l

front side

Thank you so much for looking! Please do not hesitate to ask any questions.
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, color:blue, color:green, color:pink, color:red, color:white, color:yellow, indie brand, item:accessory, item:bag, item:cutsew, item:hair accessory, item:wigs, offbrand
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