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DS: Angelic Pretty Chocolate and Ponies; Innocent World and Crowns

★ First person to commit to purchase + pays asking price gets piority
★ I only post via Registered Post or Express nothing lower. Registered is default shipping level.
I am not responsible for any parcels once I hand them over to the postal system.
★ I accept paypal payments only but I don't accept cc-paypal payments (ie. credit-card)
★ Measurements and observations are amatuer but I do my best.
I have the right to the refuse if I am not comfortable shipping to the potential buyer or any unreasonable offers.
★ Sorry, no refunds/returns. please be serious when buying.
★ Please show your feedback link. (I prefer buyers that have feedback already.)
★ The above piority/right to refuse selling to a buyer may change depending on circumstances at my discretion.

★ No trades / Partial Trades /  Not accepting payment plans at the moment

Feedback on LJ Feedback Database. Old Feedback screencapped by a mod: Here. And Here.

Angelic Pretty - Royal Chocolate Cardigan

Price: 100 AUD (Includes Registered Shipping Worldwide)
Condition: New without tag. Hasn't been worn or tried on.
It's material is really soft and the melting chocolate pattern continues all around the cardigan.
Will be a perfect match for chocolate prints!

Bust: 80cm~86cm
Waist: ~70cm
Length: ~47cm

Angelic Pretty - 3-way Academy School Bag

Price: 70 AUD (Includes Registered Shipping Worldwide)
Condition: Worn on edges and slight dents in the back but still has life in it - I've tried my best to capture the edges.
Again it was a very popular item when released especially in brown chocolate colourway.
I used it in the backpack form but can be worn on the side or without the strap.

Length: ~30cm
Height: ~24cm
Width: ~8cm
Strap Length: ~150cm

Angelic Pretty - Magical Etoile Blouse

Price: 55 AUD (Includes Registered Shipping Worldwide)
Condition: Is missing the blue/red/white ribbon pin.
The lace appears to me a bit yellow in some lighting and sometimes it white so I'm not sure but here's a closeup.
However it is a beautiful blouse and the pony lace used is very similar to AP's Sugary Carnival series.

Bust: ~80-87cm
Width: ~82cm
Length: ~47cm

Innocent World - Crown Grazia Headbow


Price: 10 AUD
(Only in conjunction with another purchase in this or a previous sales post or pickup)

Condition: Is in good condition. Originally I had hoped to own the jsk as well but never did.
It's a navy colour. No flaws that I can see.

Previous Sales Posts

Angelic Pretty Accessory Lot & Innocent World's Clara OP
Discounts maybe available if more then one item is purchased (excludes IW headbow)

★ ★ ★

If your leaving your paypal PLEASE leave it in a PM. I may not be online in time to screen it.
If you are leaving me a PM - please also remember to leave a comment here so I know what time you sent the PM. Thankyou.

Please state either in comment or PM the country I am sending to as I do not ship to every country (though I ship to most).

Please allow me at three days after payment to ship items - weekends are not included in timeframe.
If your able to access Sydney CBD, Australia let me know - I may be open to do pick up.
Any unrelated comments to the sales will be screened.

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, color:brown, color:cream, innocent world, item:accessory, item:blouse, item:cardigan
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