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DS: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

Hello everyone!

★ ★ ★ Terms & Conditions ★ ★ ★

★ I accept PayPal
★ I'm located in CA, USA
★ US buyers preferred
★ I ship using USPS Priority/Express (If it's not included in the service I will cover tracking costs)
★ Please inquire for shipping quote
★ Sorry, no trades at this time
★ Sale goes to the person committed to paying in full first (this does not include inquiries/questions)
★ I will not be held responsible after item(s) have been shipped
★ Reasonable installment payments accepted
★ Prices are in US dollars
★ No Paypal fees
★ No refunds - Serious buyers please!
★ Local Bay Area pick up is OK to save on shipping
★ My eglfb:

My Proof

★ ★ ★ For SALE! ★ ★ ★

BtSSB Royal Rose JSK (Brown) $160
Size info:

Condition: Bought new from the BABY SF store, worn once. In great condition.

baby_jsk_royalrose_color1-1_zpse2222973 photo baby_jsk_royalrose_color1-1_zpse2222973.jpg

Proof: Front, Back, Close up

BtSSB Arietta OP (Pink) $300 $240 OBO
Size info:

Condition: Bought new from the BABY SF store, worn a couple times. In good condition, however, there are 2 spots on the front of the dress. I tried taking photos of.

BtSSB-AriettaOP_zpsa48fc7d3 photo BtSSB-AriettaOP_zpsa48fc7d3.jpg

Proof: Front, Back, Close up

BtSSB Bunny Ear Ribbon Headband (Sax) $22

Condition: Bought new from BABY SF. Tried on briefly, never worn out. It's in like new condition.

 photo BtSSB-RabbitEarHeadbandSax-1_zps548c17ca.jpg

Proof: Proof photo

BtSSB Lady Victoria's Afternoon socks (Pink) $42 $33.60 SOLD

Condition: Bought new from the BABY SF store. One side tried on briefly. In like new condition.

BtSSB-LadyVictoriasAfternoonSocksPink_zps42f97aaf photo BtSSB-LadyVictoriasAfternoonSocksPink_zps42f97aaf.jpg

Proof: Proof photo

BtSSB Tartan Check Ribbon Shirring Princess JSK (Red) $150

Condition: Bought second hand from the egl comm sales. I bought it with a couple stains on the bustle. I had it dry cleaned, but the stains didn't come out. There are yellow colored stains on the removable ribbon and lacing around the straps. Granted, you have to really look at it closely to see it. Also, even though I've only tried this JSK on it has a worn feeling and there are some pilling apparent in the fabric material. I was not told of any of these things before I purchased the JSK except for the stain on the bustle. It still is a lovely tartan JSK despite the flaws.

LolitaSale1-29-2013002_zpsdf48d2a5 photo LolitaSale1-29-2013002_zpsdf48d2a5.jpg

Proof: Back, Bow, Stain 1, Stain 2, Stain 3

BtSSB Cherish My Juicy Cherry Skirt and Headbow (Ivory) $230
Size info:

Condition: Bought new from the BABY SF store. Worn once. Condition is still like new.

 photo CJCSkirt-iv_002_zps9b210b70.jpg

Proof: Front, Back

★★★ Thank you for looking! ★★★
Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, item:hair accessory, item:jumperskirt, item:legwear, item:onepiece, item:skirt
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