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DS: Angelic Pretty, Metamorphose, BTSSB

- My feeback is here http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeed back/722217.html
- Paypal only, please!
- I ship from Texas. USA
- I ship 24- 48 hours after receiving payment. If there is a problem and I cannot ship, I will let you know ASAP. 
- I come from a non-smoking household.
- All prices are in USD.
- I ship worldwide.
- Please let me know if you would like insurance or tracking!
- I will only hold for 24 hrs, please do not ask if I can hold for any longer. 
- I reserve the right to refuse to sell an item to someone

Angelic Pretty Whipped Magic OP in yellow $240 OBO (+ shipping)

The previous owner failed to inform me that there were two small holes on the front of the waist band from a decorative AP safety pin thing. Other than that, the dress is in great condition and has only been worn twice by me. It is fully shirred on the back and has detachable waist ties. 
Measurments : 89cm length
                          90~110cm bust
                          73~97cm waist

Angelic Pretty Dreaming Macarons OP in mint w/headbow $340 OBO (+ shipping)
The dress as well as the headbow are in great condition and the dress comes with detachable waist ties and a detachable bow. The dress in fully shirred and can fit a wide variety of sizes
Measurments:  91cm length
                          88cm ~ bust
                          70cm ~ waist

Angelic Pretty Magical Etoile JSK in pink $320 OBO (+ shipping)
The dress is in great condition, only worn once, and comes with detachable waist ties. It's an empire waist dress and is fully shirred on the back. 
Meausrments: 88cm length
                         82cm bust

Angelic Pretty Sugary Carnival Special Set JSK in Sax w/ matching barette, OTK, and tote bag. $350 OBO (+ shipping)
It seems like one of the buttons on the shoulder strap came off and was sewn back on but, other than that the dress is in perfect condition and has only been worn once. The barette, OTK, and tote bag have not been used. It has partial shirring in the back. IMO this JSK has a lot more room than the original SC JSK. 
Measurments: 92cm length
                         89~98cm bust
                         70cm waist

Metamorphose Candy Star Rabbit OP in lilac pink NWT $280 OBO (+ shipping)
Dress is brand new with the tags and has only been tried on. Has partial shirring on the back and comes with detachable waist and neck ties, and matching hair combs.
Measurments: 82cm length
                         88~96cm bust
                        76~96cm high wais

Baby the Stars Shine Bright ivory rose headdress $50 (shipping included)
Brand new and never been worn. Ties around your head with ribbon and has a small comb on the bottom so you can secure it to your head

Angelic Pretty Whipped Magic tote bag in pink $20 (shipping included)
Never been used.
Measurments: 38cm length
                         40cm width
                         10cm base width

Thank you for looking!
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, metamorphose
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