Levi Loser (tahneemonkee) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Levi Loser

DT: Blue Angelic Pretty JSK + Headbow set for sweet or classic dress!

Feedback http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1167265.html

I'm looking to trade my blue Decoration Dream switching JSK and matching headbow for another sweet or classic JSK or OP. Brand is preferred (esp. Innocent World, BTSSB and AP) but I will always consider other options! The only condition is they have to fit a 99 cm bust/79 cm waist. This gorgeous dress has partial shirring in the back but unfortunately, I think my ribcage is too large for it :C It fits but isn't too comfortable. The only flaw it has is one of the buttons for the waist ties is missing BUT there is still a replacement button attached to the inside tag in the skirt - I just was too scared to try and sew it on. I have the waist ties, neck ties and attachable... Bib? I'm not sure what to call it XD;

Lolibrary Info: 
Proof photos:

(Ughhh I have no idea why these won't upload without going sideways, sorry!)

Worn photo:

This photo definitely shows the true colour of the JSK more. 
Tags: !dt, *plus size, angelic pretty, any brand, color:blue, item:jumperskirt
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