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wtb! pretty things!

Hi! I have been into lolita for years now, but only this year I have been actively trying to wear it more often. And I've discovered that I require some clothes for this! Haha, I see you guys can help me n.n

I like gothic,classic lolita and some sweet styles, but not ott sweet or anything spotty. I prefer stripes :p reds, browns, black, off white.

I am a size 8-10 UK, 2L (I think) bodyline, and I don't remember my USA size, but its around 4-5 maybe? (Used to live there, but can't remember how the sizes work).
I can provide measurements if needed n.n;;
I really don't mind with brand. I'm quite tall so most brand things are short on me. But I really don't mind, make me an offer! (Though affordable brand is always a treat!)

I need a blouse of some kind, I have one but would like one in black to wear under dresses. Long or short sleeve.
I would like to find:
*Black or wine red jsk/opPetticoats! Mine isn't very poofy
*Otk socks or stockings. With a pattern of some kind preferred.
*Hair thingimabobs. Flowers, clips, bows, headbands, pretty things!

Wishlist :)
*Innocent World's Clara and Classical Ribbon dresses
*Mary Magdalene's Perfume Bottle print
*Mary Magdalene's Curious JSK, purple preferred but I would love this in any colour! It's beautiful n.n

On a side note, I am a seamstress. Fabrics and sewing supplies are always good :)

Show me what yer got! Seriously! n.n
Tags: !wtb, any brand, bodyline
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