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!DS Rose Melody JSK, Little Dotte Blouse + Skirts, JSK and Shoes! Oh my!

I am shipping from England, UK
I accept payment by PAYPAL only
All prices include shipping within the UK, please ask for overseas
The buyer pays the paypal fees - this is NOT included in the price
All sales are fina I don't accept exchanges or refunds!
I do not smoke and do not have pets
I am not responsible for the package after I have posted it
I will let you know when I ship your package so please let me know when it arrives!
I ship via airmail of first class (UK only) if you'd like another method of shipping please ask
I will consider trades if I see something i like (I prefer darker colours at the moment but I will look at anything :) I'm not after accessories.)


Wondertropolis - Little Dotte Blouse


Condition: New - only tried on once to find it doesn't suit me

Bust: 92cm

Waist: 78c

Shoulder: 38cm
Length: 63cm
Sleeve Length 60cm (including ruffles)

£36 (2nd class UK)


Rose Melody 2 Way Chandelier JSK - SOLD


Without the bib

Condition: 5/5 - really sad to see this beauty go, only tried on a couple of times

Bust: 76cm

Waist: 74cm

(can go smaller with corset lacing at the back)

Length: 89cm

The bib is attached with poppers and can come off. No shirring.

£42 (2nd class UK) SOLD


Handmade Classic JSK


*Not handmade by me*
Condition 5/

Bust: 84c

Waist: 74cm (high waisted)

Length: 79cm (89 including straps)

£32 (2nd class UK)


Sweet Handmade Skirt

Condition: 4.5/5 - not 100% perfect but all seams are finished etc

Waist: 71cm - 89cm

Length: 49c

£23 (2nd class UK)


Pink Floral Handmade Skirt and Head Bow


Condition: 5/5 - all seams finished and partially lined. One pocket (yay!)

Waist: 71cm - 89cm

Length: 48.5cm

£26 (2nd class UK)


Vintage Polka Dot Skirt

Condition: 4.5/

Waist: 71cm - 86cm (waist ties)

Length: 51cm

(petticoat fits nicely over the lining for a nice A line shape)

£10 (2nd class UK)


Offbrand Black Flats

With Flash
Condition: 5/5 - worn once (pointy shoes just aren't really my style

Size: UK 5

£17 (2nd class UK)


Floral Headpiec

From above
£5 (2nd class UK)


Please feel free to ask any questions and I'll do my best to answer them and thank you for looking!

Tags: !ds, handmade, indie brand, item:blouse, item:hair accessory, item:jumperskirt, item:shoes, offbrand, rose melody
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