Buki (pookiebuki) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!WTB: IW or ETC dresses

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Payment - Paypal
Location - California USA
Measurements - Bust - 84cm/33in, Waist - 75cm/29.5in, Hips - 89cm/35in

Below are the dresses or skirt I'm interested in purchasing. I only have enough to buy just one of these (or skirt with any one matching accessory from the same series. preferably socks or headbow) so I'll list the dresses by priority. Top being the most wanted and the colors I'm looking for are what is pictured. Thanks for looking! :)

Innocent World Rabbit Letter in Sax I own the off white version now but willing to trade dress and headbow for sax version.


I don't remember the name but it's from Emily Temple Cute and the dress has fawn print fabric. I've seen the tiered pink version but not interested in it. Puchased!


Innocent World Rabbit Letter skirt in Sax

Tags: !wtb, color:blue, color:brown, emily temple cute, innocent world, item:jumperskirt, item:onepiece, item:skirt
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