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DS/DT: MmM Chiffon Stained Glass jsk in bkn, AP tokimeki bangle

Hey, I still have these looking for a new home.
Both items are re-post from [this post].

Angelic Pretty Tokimeki ribbon bangle in pink/lavender


I got this with in a set with another item I really wanted.
I don't need this.
It said this would be lavender, but to me it looks same like the pink one. Õ.o

New like, no tags.
No signs of use.

I will ship this in a small & cute box. :)

Asking Price:
EU: 25 € + shipping 7 €
Worldwide: 25 € + shipping 10 €

Or Trade/Partial trade:
- AP Polkadot heart necklace, bracelet or ring in black colourway.
- AP Toy Fantasy Elephant ring or necklace.
- Or to any other small item on my [WANTED LIST]


Moi~même~Moitié Chiffon Stained Glass JSK in BKN


Bought directly from KERA store using SS.
I guess I'm too small for this as it seems to fall down. :(
(My bust is 78.5 cm)
Fully shirred.
This colourway + style went sold out during reservations so there is no stock picture of it.
Soft and luxurious, such a gorgeous dress. :)

Bust - 82 cm, fully shirred can fit alot bigger
(I can stretch it easily to 100 cm and it can still stretch even more)
Length - 91 cm

Brand new without tags.

Asking Price:
EU: 380 € + shipping 11 €
Worldwide: 380 € + shipping 22 €


Or Trade/Partial trade:
- The same print in short OP version in full black.
- Sleeping Garden short/long lace up JSK in navy
- Or to any other item on my [WANTED LIST]

TRADE COMPLETED with princewicca
Thank you so much. <3



- I ship from Finland EU
- The currency is EURO, I only accept EURO currency
- Paypal payment only, No extra fees. :)
- I only ship with tracking
- Allow me 1 week to ship your item.
I usually ship the next working day, but just in case I’m too busy.
- if you don't pay within 12 hours after invoicing, item goes to next person in line.
It's totally different thing if you keep me updated about things, this is only if you don't respond to my comments/PMs.
- Item goes to first to leave PayPal address and is willing to pay full asking price
or to the first trade I accept (I won't invoice and then back out from sale because I found a trade, that is against community rules and it's just plain rude to do that someone.)
- No backing out allowed, when you have informed me your paypal address you have agreed to make a purchase.
- I prefer NOT to do holds or payment plans this time, sorry
- Don’t comment if you aren’t serious about buying/trading with me, thanks.
- I have no pets :( And I’m smoke free too.
- The items are in the condition as described & photographed.
- My feedback page is [here]

I apologise the lack of quality of pictures. My camera is dying.
Please do ask for more pictures if needed, I will do my best.

Here is link to my [previous sales post].


Thanks for reading and have nice day. :)

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