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DS: Long Wavy Wig, Ruffle Rocking Horse shoes, link to past sales with Baby, Meta and more

My feedback is here
My rules:

Prices are in USD
Paypal payment only. I ask that the buyer cover fees please.
I'm shipping from Mississauga ON, Canada. Shipping isn't included in the prices. Please leave your location/postal code so I can calculate it.
If you're in the GTA area and want to meet up instead of shipping I might be able to depending where you are.
First person to confirm they want an item with their paypal address will have priority.
I can't be responsible for lost items in the mail unless you pay for tracking.

1. Long Brown Wavy Wig - $20 Sold!
I just got this in the mail yesterday. I tried it on for a few minutes but the colour does not suit me. The colour of the stock picture is pretty accurate.

 photo wig2_zpsd58a1ce2.png

My photo

2. An*tai*nai Ruffle Rocking Horse Shoes - $50 (4 week repost)
Size 25cm. Cute heart buckles! Only worn once outdoors. I find that they're too clunky for me. There are some minor scuffs on the sides of the soles but I couldn't pick them up with the camera. From past estimates it seems they will cost around $25 to ship to the US.

Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

Scuffs, hard to see sorry!

I still have items in this previous post for sale. Baby JSK and coat, Meta lucky pack items and more.

Thanks for looking!
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