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WTB: Dresses, Blouses, Headbows, Shoes, Wigs, Accessories; wardrobe fillers.

Hi everyone!
My feedback is here

I'm looking for a few items today, trying to fill in some spots in my wardrobe.
I wear a lot of pink and ivory, and mainly classic-sweet.
My wardrobe is here if you'd like to look.

My measurements are:
Bust: 33 in.
Waist: 28 in.
Shoe Size: 25cm/LL

I have items here for trade as well!!

I'm sure these are long shots, but they're the 3 I'm really looking for, so might as well throw them out there.

AP's Cafe Latte Tiered JSK

AP's My Story Back Shirring JSK
Ivory x Brown

Meta's Fairy Tale Frill Pinafore Dress

Otherwise I'm just looking for more main pieces to add to my closet. I generally prefer jumperskirts.
Looking for cheaper brand (around $100?), or taobao.
(I'm aware some pieces listed below are more expensive.)

IW's Lame Dot JSK
Chocolat or Pink
IW's Classical Ribbon Dress
AP's Dot Pretty Girl Skirt
Baby's Macaron Dot JSK
Meta's Music Note
White x Black, maybe other colors
Meta's Sailor Short Sleeve OP
Ivory Only


A navy chiffon blouse. Offbrand preferred, may look at brand.
I wouldn't mind looking at other colors too, maybe ivory, pink, or brown.


BtSSB's Chiffon Princess Dress Blouse
any color, white or pink preferred.
(my dream blouse!)

Headbows & Hair Accessories

Plain Innocent World Headbows (ex. [1])

Looking for headbows that work with classic and classic-sweet.
I've also realized I just don't have a lot of hair accessory options, so I'm looking for more goodies.
Please do not offer me bonnets.

General examples:
sugarviolin:<br/><br/>Handmade red velveteen headbow (commission)<br/> mori-fairy:<br/><br/>be my hair…..<br/>  lolita-ringo:<br/><br/>*Lolita Hair ♡<br/><br/>she&#8217;s so darling!


AP's Kururin Ribbon Charm Headbow
Ivory or Pink

AatP's Midsummer's Headbow
AP's Cafe Latte Ribbon Headbow
Beige or Brown

AatP's ALICE’S clock ribbon head bow

AP's Hug Heart Balloon Ring
This is the last one I need to complete the set!

This section is kind of vague, since I'm never really sure what kind of shoes I'm looking for.
Mainly short or low heels, can fit in with classic-sweet. White, ivory, beige, or pink will probably be best.
Size: LL/25cm

Some examples:
i want these so bad&#8230;! So cute! ooh i&#8217;d love a pair or two of these!

MintyMix & Lockshop Wigs
Looking for mostly natural colored ones, and a silver one too.
I cannot pull off platinum!
I have this MintyMix one already.


BtSSB's Winged Key Necklace
I don't know if it came in different colors, but willing to look at any.

Thank you for looking!
Please feel free to offer anything you think I might be interested in :)
I know I'm asking for a lot of things, so I'll probably be looking at everything I'm offered before deciding!

Comments will be screened for organization.

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