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!WTB SS for Jane Marple Sample sale at Harajuku, tomorrow (26.01)

Please read this first:

* I can pay immediately via paypal

* My feedback:

I'm searching for someone who is located in Harajuku and who would be able to go to the Jane Marple Sample sale tomorrow and look for some items there for me. I know this is probably a long shot, but I thought, I'd try it anyway :)

The sale will start at 1/26 (sat) 1:00 pm~, it is recommended to arrive a little before the opening, because there is a limited admittance.

Here is my wishlist sorted after priority. The bodreaux colorway is always my first priority. My budget covers either one of the big items (JSK, OP, the first skirt) or one of the smaller (the scrap skirt, cutsew) items including (if they are available) or without the tights. My budget is generously estimated in the first place to cover all fees (to avoid unexcepted uncovered costs). So The remaining unused budget will be refunded.
1. Royal Stamp Square JSk in bordeaux or green

2. Royal Stamp Skirt in bordeaux or green

3. Royal Stamp Scrap skirt in bordeaux or green

4. Royal Stamp Frill Cutsew in bordeaux or green

5. Royal Stamp Mini Op in bordeaux or green

6. Royal Stamp tights in bordeaux or green

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask. :)

Thank's for looking. :)
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