nekokimi (nekokimi) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Velvet hot Coat form NUBIA and aristocrat black and white blouse.

General info:
- I ship from Portugal to worldwide.
- Price is in €uro, does not include shipping and Paypal fees.
- Paypal only
- I have no pets and neither smoke.
- Here's my feedback page
- Have more casual clothes in my LJ account.Chek it out.^^

Nubia Aritocrat coat.
This is a very hot coat for the winter and is new. Never worn by me.
Velvet and polar tissue.
Size SMALL but is a large S. I normaly use XS/S and this coat feet me a litle large.
Price: 50€ 40€

Proof photo:

Punk Rave blouse.
Just used for photoshoot. Is in very good conditions.
Is really a size S.
Price: 25€

blusa frent
Proof photo, from the photoshoot:

Thank you for looking!^^
Tags: !ds, offbrand
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