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DS: Meta Blouse, AATP skirt, Innocent World shorts, (repost with 20%reduction) and AATP skirt

-I ship from the UK
- My feedback page is here: ( I have no feedback on LJ yet, but I have 100% positive feedback both as buyer and seller on ebay here:
-The prices include paypal fees, but not shipping, please ask for quotes
-I accept reasonable offers
-Sailor Moon is my proof of ownership

Antique White Metamorphose Georgette Lace High-Waisted Skirt

I'm the second owner of this gorgeous skirt, but the previous owner never wore it and I wore it only twice, so it's almost like new, apart from missing one of the two detachable bows and I've also resewn one of the buttons. It has pretty lacing in the back and the same colour (light brown) of satin ribbon in the front as well.




Measurements: the skirt's minimum waist measurement is approximately 31 cm flat and max is approximately 42cm flat. The length is ca. 66cm.
Price: 72£ 57£
Innocent World Tartan Frill Kodona Shorts

I love these piratey-cute shorts, but I just don't wear them enough. The main colour is not black, but navy, it was a bit dark when I took the pictures. They're in very good condition.



Detail Cuffs:

Detail Back Pockets:

Side Frills:

Measurements: Waist is approximately 37cm flat, length approximately 59cm
Price: 36£ 28£

Alice and the Pirates Josephine Blouse  Sold
This blouse is unworn, albeit crinkled from storage, but the low price is because it originally had a detachable Jabot, which I cannot find anymore after moving into a new flat. The sleeves are really great


Collar Detail:

Sleeve Ribbon Detail:

Measurements: approximately 39cm flat at the bust, 37cm at the waist and 50cm in length from shoulder to bottom.
Price:  36£ 28£

Metamorphose Heart Knit Pattern Overknee Socks

These are unworn, only tried on. They're good for taller Lolis, beacause they actually stretch past the knees unlike some other OTKs

Price: 14£
Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates, innocent world, item:blouse, item:legwear, item:pants, item:skirt, metamorphose
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