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DS: SKIRT, SOCKS. Both brand, plus-size!

Hello everyone! I'm doing some closet cleaning (it's that time of year) and I've got a few items I probably won't use/wear, so I thought I'd pass them on.



yes i'm a day late.


1. Most important, I HAVE CATS. My stuff is kept in plastic boxes or hanging up, but cat hair is an insidious thing and will worm its way onto fabric at any opportunity. So please be advised if you have severe allergies

2. Shipping is included for the US. Shipping overseas will be an additional $5 USD.

3. I have done my best to detail any problems I've noticed with the items. If you would like better detail or more in depth information, I will do my best.

4. I reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone.

5. No trades at this time unless you have a hookup and can get me authentic brand fabric. I'm not kidding. I'm looking for white Chess Chocolate fabric, red Queen's Coach fabric, or lavender MM Perfume Bottle fabric.

6. All measurements are amateur.

On with the show!

Innocent World Alice Trump JSK, Socks set $200, OR individual pieces $120 for jsk, $80 for skirt, $20 for socks



Socks: Calves, less than 16"


I purchased the skirt and socks as a set ages and ages ago, and tried to alter them to fit a larger frame by adding a zipper. It really didn't work out too well. I recently found the JSK on the comm and purchased it with the intent to use it for fabric to embiggen the skirt, but I lacked the guts to do so, so instead of having this stuff sit around I've decided to pass it on.

I originally paid $180 for the skirt and socks (this print was a Big Deal), but I've taken in the alterations and damages as a result in consideration. The socks also have some staining from wear on the heel, but it is not noticeable when worn with shoes, and the lace atop the socks has gotten curled and crinkled. Otherwise they are in like-new condition. The JSK has some pilling of the lace in the underarm area; the JSK came to me in this condition.

Additional images:

The JSK alone. I LOVE the trim they used.

The pilling


The socks alone


The heel damage

The outside of the skirt where I had cut a seam to insert a zipper. The original elastic was also removed, but I have replaced it with new elastic.

The inside, where the lining has torn and frayed. I used a quick wide stitch to pin it together.

Fan + Friend Mary Magdalene Replica $100 (this is what I paid for it at the time)

Bust 50" max
Waist 46" max

This has been worn a few times, and it is a gorgeous dress, really one of their best items, but the shoulders are just too wide for me for it to fit comfortably. I purchased it back in... 2007 it must have been? and the price was higher than their current site's price. I have had to replace the elastic in the shoulders; it was blown out from (foolishly) keeping it on a hanger.

Metamorphose white three-tiered skirt $60

Waist 38" max


A beautiful older item from Meta; I've worn this a couple times but never really had anything to go with it. It's very comfortable in warmer weather because it's a light color

There are a few flaws:


A snag in the skirt (i looked for it today while setting the skirt on my mannequin but I could not find it, this is an older picture)


Roughly 7" long


The waistband has had some yellowing from wear on the inside of the garment


A faint stain on the edge of the skirt, I did not find it today


However I found one today next to a bow on one of the tiers; I've dabbed it with a Tide pen since taking the picture

Offbrand Galaxy Skirt $25

Waist 46" max

I made this really fast for a planetarium meetup out of some cotton quilting fabric and lined with dark blue broadcloth. It's comfortable and great for a casual meetup. If it doesn't sell I'll probably donate/throw it out or something, I don't see myself wearing it again (and I'd like to find a better galaxy print anyway)

Any questions, suggestions, or offers, please let me know. Thanks for looking!
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