mitsuko_j (mitsuko_j) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DT! Victorian Maiden British Check Dress (My Grey for your Red)

Hello girls,

I just bought the Victorian Maiden British Check Dress in chocolate (grey) a few days ago and just received it. Basically I wanted the red one, but when FromJapan considered my order, this color was already sold out and I had one of the last grey ones. The thing is that even if the grey one is beautiful, I really wanted the red one and I'm a bit sad not having the color I wanted at the begining.

That's why I want to trade my chocolate dress for you red (apple) one. I don't want to sell the dress because it's one of my dreamdress and I just want an other color. 

Here is mine

image 054
Proof picture: I just tried the dress on after receiving it. 

The color I want


Here is my feedback page:

Thanks for looking <3
Tags: !dt, color:grey, color:red, item:onepiece, victorian maiden
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