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DS: Plus Sized Skirt

My eglfb

Come from a smoke-free home. I do have a dog, but he doesn't go near my clothes.
Payment via Paypal. Shipping with tracking is included for US residents.

Proof will be my Ho-oh pokedoll.


A handmade skirt I'd bought on etsy from seller wearitcuter
Asking $55 with shipping in the US included.
Only worn once. The lace is cotton, the skirt can significantly poof out. Fabric is thick.

I love this skirt to pieces but after losing a massive amount of weight it would be a handful for me to alter it. It's fantastically and professionally constructed.

I had it custom made. It's about 100cm at the waist, but can go a bit higher or lower. I don't recommend any more than 3 cm either way since it doesn't have elastic, only a zipper at the side and a hook. I'm 5'5" and the length was fine on me, even a touch long.

For free I will include the bow which I made myself. I used it as a headbow (slipping it through a hairband) but it could also be used as a waist bow (see below)


Details of print and lace.

The headbow/waistbow

Thank you for looking <3
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