Trigger Happy Lolita (foomer) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Trigger Happy Lolita

DS! Angelic pretty Dreamy Dollhouse in pink + strawhat

Hi guys!

Some things to know before commenting !

-Items will go to the first to be able to pay !
-I'm not willing to trade this time, need money !
-I only accept paypal as payment method
-The shipping costs are for standard priority shipping, if you'd like to have tracking it's going to cost more I'm afraid !
-Please comment only if you're seriously interested
Feedback can be found here

So! Here it is, APs Dreamy Dollhouse pink OP, in perfect never worn condition.

This was my first AP dress directly bought from their international site in 2009. It's very lovely and the sweetest! But I just know I'm never going to wear it, so it needs a new home, hopefully it finds one :)

Measurements are:

85cm length, 89cm bust, 69~79cm waist, 16cm sleeve length, 28cm cuff

-Taken from hellolace.

Price for the dress: 174€ + shipping
shipping inside Europe: 10,15€ and outside Europe: 17,80€

Price for the strawhat: 20€ + shipping 
Inside Europe: 6,70€ and outside Europe: 7,70€


Thanks !
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, offbrand
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