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WTB: BlackxWhite or BlackxBlack headbows, BL bloomers, BLACK shoes, kuro anything!

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Hi there! *^^*

Found a headbow!
I'm looking to buy any old school/simple headbows (preferably Meta or Baby) in blackxwhite or blackxblack colorway. 
Hair ties are also loved, but I prefer headbands right now.

I am also looking for this pair of Bodyline bloomers (PAN028) in size S (M is fine too), colored in black: 


Any similar "butt ruffle" bloomers are also appreciated. If you know anyone who can make them or where I can find some, please let me know!

Other than those specifics, I'm looking for anything to match/make a tasteful blackxwhite oldschool coord or kuro coord. ^^ SHOES are a big need for me right now... I am a size 6 US/22 Japan/37 China shoe size, looking for conservative leaning black lolita shoes (aka no tea parties, please), as I'd like to also wear them for work.

Also I am very small- 4'9" tall, 97 lb, 34-24-34 measurements - so please take that into account!

I am located in Chicago, IL 60661 for shipping calculation purposes.

Thank you so much for looking!!

Tags: !wtb, *petite, color:black, item:accessory, item:shoes
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