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!DS/!DT Innocent World Skirts

- Payment methods: Paypal or banktransfer for Finnish customers
- I ship from Finland, Europe
- Prices don't include shipping
- I'm not responsible for any damages that happen during shipping, but I will off course make sure that the package is durable
- Payment plans and holds are okay, just ask
- My feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/2037386.html
- Prices are negotiable
- I'm open to offers

My proof: My banana bag and my name on paper


Innocent World Angel Land Skirt in ivory 130eur plus shipping
- Short version
- Perfect condition
- I'm the second owner
- Previous owner wore it outside, I have just tried it on.
- Hellolace: http://hellolace.net/wardrobe/innocent-world/type/skirt/item/26/

iw_skirt_angellandshort_color1 IMG_4493


I want to trade this skirt because it is a little too small for me. It doesn't look bad on me, it is just not so comfy. It's in perfect condition, I bought it from mbok. I'm NOT interested in trading it for anything else than what I have listed. And I'm also not interested in selling it. If I can't find it or jsk with the same print in bigger size than I have I will keep it. It's my dream print and I will wear it even if it is a little too thight.

Innocent World Puppy Skirt (size S or M, not sure which) in brown for:
- Puppy Skirt in any colour in size L
- Partial trade to Puppy JSK in any colour in size M or L


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