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DS: Painting SK + IW short-sleeved lace bolero


Please pm paypal instead of leaving it in the comments~! :)

Indicating interest does not put you in line for an item! :)

- Please leave your feedback link when you comment/pm to buy an item.

- Do not use my photos without my permission.

-Tracking is $2.5 always and is optional. Please let me know if you wish to add tracking to your item when you ask to be invoiced. =)

-Payment by paypal or meetup or bank transfer (local buyers only)

-Prices are in USD unless other wise stated, do not include paypal fees. Paypal fees are 5% of the amount you pay me.

-Priority goes to whoever can pay full price first.

-An explanation of how I package and ship items is here http://dollsonstrings.livejournal.com/729.html#cutid1

By buying something from me you accept that the items will be packaged and shipped by my default methods unless you request special packaging/shipping. I am more than happy to give you extra-secure packaging at your extra cost.

-Feedback is her http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1046342.html

-I reserve the right to refuse a sale

- I require a 30% nonrefundable deposit sent via personal payment to hold your item. Payment plans should not be longer than a month.

- I will not ship an item to an address that is not registered on your paypal address. You can simply add the address to your paypal and use it when paying me. =)

Prices are non-negotiable

If you are from Asia, your shipping will most likely be cheaper. Please ask. =)

If you buy multiple items, you only need to pay once for tracking. Please specify if you want tracking on your item.


Innocent World short-sleeved black bolero $100 + $11 intl shipping NWT

Painting skirt $160 + $15 intl shipping (damaged) but never worn and with tags intact.

I didn't wear this skirt at all after purchasing, only kept it away in my closet. After inspecting it, I noticed there were some loose threads and then I realised that the seams had come loose on one side. >_> The skirt does have a lining, so it isn't a noticeable flaw, and can be easily mended. The flaw is about 3cm long and is on the seam covering the zip part.

Thank you for looking and have a nice day. =)

Tags: !ds, indie brand, innocent world, item:bolero
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