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!DS/!DT: Bodyline Brown Boots

Hi dear Girls! ♫
I am here to sell a pair of super cute boots! ^W^

Infos ♥
~ I ship from Italy
~ I always ship with tracking
~ I ship worldwide, but I have to inform you that shipping outside EU is really expansive ><
~ Ask for shipping cost (shipping inside EU is about 17 euros)
~ I don't smoke and I don't own any pet
~ If you want ask for more photos/infos
~ Price does not include paypal fees
~ I am open to resonable offers!
~ I accept payament plans with a not refundable deposit (this time is about 35% of the full price)
~ My EGL sales comm feedback post x (if you want ask for more feedback, I don't have any here ^W^)

*★☆ Bodyline boots ☆★*
Color: Brown
Measurements: 24.00 cm but they fit smaller. I think that 23.5/23.00 is the real measure of these boots.
Price: 45 euros+shipping

Boots are NEW, i only tryed'em on few minutes indoor.

Stock Photos

My Photos
All photos are here x on my scrapbook
There is some dust on the soles but I'll remove it before shipping.
There are some folds on the ankle and a little flaw on the bow, but both are hardly noticeable.

I will trade these for another pair of similar boots, 24,5 cm because I want to wear them with wool socks or multiple cotton socks in winter ><

Thank you for viewing this sales post!
Have a nice day (◕‿◕✿)

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sorry for double posting this >__<""""
first time I posted this without lj cut because of a mistake (I press post button instead of preview button). Hope that this time it's all ok!

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