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DT! DS! New H.Naoto Melting Macaron JSK Emergency trade/sale. Need this traded or sold!

Information and Sales Terms
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Emergency sale/trade!!!

H.Naoto Frill Melting Macaron JSK

Print and more true-to-color (At least on my monitor)
My wonderful boyfriend bought me this lovely jsk at a local convention over the weekend and unfortunately it doesn't fit my bust. =(
I'm really torn up about this because I am in LOVE with this dress, and he took the time and money to get it for me
The jsk is brand spanking new. Lovely condition and really cute print that's sweet but not ott. It's made of a chiffon fabric, fully lined, and has a built in petti.
Bust: 34in MAX
Waist: 28in max

There's are little stretchy strips in the back which can be removed but they really don't do anything for size alterations. It's more for decoration.

I'm super looking to trade this jsk for the same version in either the darker, or same colors ways, that has the full shirring panel in the back.
I would also consider trading it for JSK's in a similar style/fabric (chiffon).

I'm also willing to sell this for 316.00 USD (shipping not included) Which is the price my boyfriend paid for it (and in which I will be paying him back) =/

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