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DS/DT: Angelic Pretty lucky pack bag and LP purse!

~I ship packages first class mail or parcel post in the US (priority is extra)
~I only provide tracking number upon request for the additional cost
~Tracking for international packages is not possible and they are shipped parcel post
~Speedy delivery is available for international packages but is very expensive
~I am not responsible for lost packages without tracking or insurance.
~I have two non-shedding dogs and I try and keep them away from my items but I wanted to forewarn anyway
~Items are from a nonsmoking household
~I have over 100 positive feedback as seen here nd no negative feedback
~The first person to ask a question about the item has dibs, not the first person to leave a PP address.
~If you do not respond back or pay an invoice within 12 hours I will pass the item to the next person without warning
~There are no added fees, the price is what it is

Angelic Pretty Lucky Pack bag!
This very large bag is what my AP lucky pack came in and it's great for travel and storage :)
As I already have a bag from a pack I purchased two years ago, it seems silly for me
to have two so off this one goes

It zips closed across the top and my previous bag has withstood everything from shoes to
petticoats bulging it full without any trouble!

Price:  $23 shipped worldwide

Here are some additional photos to show the color and texture
It seems to be relatively waterproof as well (from past experience with washing my old one)


AP lucky pack purse in sax.

I already have a sax purse so I don't need to keep this one.
It is much roomier and larger than many of the typical AP pochettes,
more like a typical purse :)

It is brand new, never removed from the plastic bag.

Price:  $42 shipped

Sold Thanks!


Trades and haggling welcome, please show me what you've got!
No replicas or Bodyline please

Thanks for looking!
Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty, color:blue, color:pink, item:bag
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