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!DS / !DT: Juliette et Justine skirt & Victorian Maiden / Beth overdress

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 I ship from London, UK
Prices are in £ - GBP - Pound Sterling
Shipping prices quoted are for plain Airmail. If you want tracking or insurance, please ask!
Priority goes to whoever leaves their PayPal first & is willing to pay full price

All items are washed / dry-cleaned before they are sent off (It should go without saying, but just in case...)

Regarding Trades:

Feel free to offer me anything, I'm happy to look at all styles!

1. Juliette et Justine Belle Pierreries skirt (olive green colour)


Price: £130 [Including shipping & PayPal fees to the UK: £137.60; to Europe: £140; rest of the World: £143]

Condition I bought it used here and one of my friends wore it once. One of the previous owners has moved the fastening clip a bit along the waistband. This doesn't show on the outside, as the fastening clip is sewn on the inside. Besides this, I see no other faults, the skirt is in excellent condition.

Measurements: Waist: 26” max, length: 25,7”

2. VM / Beth black glittery velvet overdress


Price: £85 [Including shipping & Paypal fees to the UK: £91; to Europe: £93.80; rest of the world: £97]

Condition: Bought this second-hand but haven't worn it. It is in excellent condition, no flaws

Measurements taken flat: Bust: 17", waist: 15", total length: 32"

Tags: !ds, !dt, beth, color:black, item:jumperskirt, item:skirt, juliette et justine, victorian maiden
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