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DS! Now on sale: Shirley Temple JSK, Fidel David Underskirt and BTSSB Shocks!

 I've decided to leave lolita, so I have to sell my clothes in order to pay my career (again). I really need the money. 

Shirley Temple JS

Third hand but almost new because I have only use it twice. As is a Shirley Temple dress, I'm advicing it's a little short, but it's very beautiful and pop ;). You can put a Lace on it, I recommend red.

Bust: 82 cm Waist: 72 cm 


I'm selling it for 65€.

Fidel David underskirt
Fidel David is a prestigious spanish designer of lolita fashion.  I've used this item as pettit and also as skirt. It's perfect for a classic look.

You can adjust the waist:

Stains or damages:

Orange stains, little pen line and unstitched in a fix of the costure.

I'm selling it for 30€.


I'm selling it for 10€.

Here is my feedback :
-Prices are in EUR. I don't include shipping cost.
-I live in Spain and I ship from international economic post. The shipping cost range between 8,54 to 13 €. Ask me anyway.
-I'll sell it to first user who can pay.
- I'm not responsible for damaged or lost packages
-I don't accept trades. As I've said I'm leaving lolita.
- No returns or exchanges.

-I live in a house with two animals. Of course I'll clean the clothes.
-Only serious buyers please.


Tags: baby the stars shine bright, color:blue, color:cream, color:red, color:white, indie brand, item:innerwear, item:jumperskirt, item:legwear, item:onepiece, item:skirt
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