badwolfblue ( badwolfblue) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB! AatP Navy+Black Diamond OR MMM Socks, Navy Accessories

Feedback Page:

***US SELLERS ONLY PLEASE! Now open to international sellers. WTB!:
-AaTP Diamond socks, or Moi Meme Moite socks in Navy/Black.

Some MMM sock styles I favor(I'm open to other styles as long as they are Navy and black):

-Accessories like headbands, wristcuffs, or a purse in Navy and/or black. I really love items with roses, crosses, and wings/feathers.

Thank you!
Tags: !wtb, alice and the pirates, bodyline, color:black, color:blue, item:hair accessory, item:legwear, item:shoes, moi-meme-moitie
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