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DS/AFC: Deco pendant necklaces

First to provide Paypal address gets the slot/item.

Payment Information:
1. I am only going to accept regular Paypal.
2. You will need to provide the e-mail address associated with your Paypal account so I may send a detailed invoice to you. For DS: You will receive TWO invoices, one for the item, one for the shipping after it has been shipped.
3. After invoice is sent by me, you have 48 hours in which to pay it, unpaid invoices will result in neutral feedback on the eglfeedback community, unless you discuss with me before cancelling, in which case no feedback will be given.

Shipping Information/Disclaimer:
1. Prices for DS items do NOT include shipping, shipping will be calculated after sending. I can give approximations for shipping, but exact shipping costs will be calculated when shipped.
2. I would prefer only US buyers, but if you are an international buyer willing to pay the international shipping fees, then that’s fine. I will send packages with USPS first class unless otherwise desired. If weight limit for first class is exceeded, I will send packages using USPS priority mail.
3. Multiple orders will be shipped together.
4. Insurance is optional, please indicate if you would like to purchase insurance.
5. I am NOT responsible for lost or damaged items after they have left my hands, so please use caution if not purchasing insurance. I will send you a picture of the receipt from the post office after it has left my hands.


Deco Necklaces $20

Each pendant is made of resin cabochons cast by myself, some of the roses may contain small imperfections from bubbles, but are not noticeable. Each necklace is 19 inches of white glass pearls, and the findings (jump rings/clasps, etc.) are silver plated. If you are interested in custom color combinations/custom colors, please inquire. Custom necklaces are $25. Please see the bottom of this post if you are interested in a custom necklace!

Colorful Pastel Series

Lavender x pink x mint


Pink x mint x lavender


Mint x pink x yellow


Yellow x lavender x blue


Blue x mint x pink


Lavender x pink x yellow


Mint x lavender x blue


Yellow x blue x pink


Pink x blue x mint


Other pendants that need to be strung (would be available to ship approx. 1/21/13)

Monochrome Pastel Series

Pink base x two roses x white pearls


Lavender base x two roses x clear rhinestones


Lavender base x rose and bow x clear rhinestones


Blue base x rose and bow x clear rhinestones


Other pendants that need to be strung (would be available to ship approx. 1/21/13)

If any of these necklaces do not sell, they will be placed in my Etsy shop!

Custom Necklaces $25

Didn't see what you like? I can make custom creations! I can make any color in ROYGBIV, from pastel to saturated. I am hoping to get black dye soon, once I get enough sales of the necklaces above. I am also hoping to get some creepy cute/pastel goth molds (spiders, stars, bats), if you are interested in those. I can also get other colors of pearls, and other beads; and I can make the necklaces longer for $1 extra (increments of 2 inches, ex: 19in, 21 in, 23 in, etc).
Tags: !afc, !ds, color:blue, color:green, color:pink, color:purple, color:yellow, handmade, item:accessory
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